How to use Online Marketing for all my Franchise locations?

Sep 11, 2012Franchise, General, Websites0 comments

You may be asking yourself, “How can I effectively use online marketing to market all of my franchise locations?” It’s simple; Rave Retailer gives you all the tools in easy-to-use online dashboard to effectively market your entire franchise.

From Websites, to mobile marketing, to Facebook promotional apps, to blogging to craigslist posting services and much more, Rave Retailer has all the tools to help you make more money!

Read below for tips on how to market your entire franchise:

  1. Each franchise location should have its own website since search engines work locally.
  2. Every website should have a blog attached to it, and a blog should be written around twenty times per month.
  3. Your online dashboard should provide all the online marketing tools, all in one place for easy management. It needs to be turnkey and user-friendly.
  4. These online marketing tools should include:
    1. Website CMS
    2. Online SEO Product Catalog
    3. Shopping Cart
    4. Blog
    5. Mobile Site
    6. Mobile (text) Marketing
    7. Email Marketing
    8. Facebook app integration
    9. Analytics
    10. Craigslist posting service
  5. The Online SEO Product Catalog should be utilized for all products and services.
  6. Text Marketing is only $25.00 per month, so why aren’t you doing it?
  7. Facebook promotional apps cost about $75.00. They are fun and they work.
    1. These apps include “Fan Offer”, “Sweepstakes” and “Share and Save” You can buy them here