Digital Advertising

Drive traffic to your Website right now with Digital Advertising including Google Ads and Social Media Ads! Its results are immediate and it helps your potential customers will find you in an online search.

What is Digital Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a method of internet advertising where you can list ads on Search Engines and other websites on Search Engine Networks. You pay every time an interested person clicks. In short, PPC reaches your target consumer at the right time, with the right ad, causing them to click through to your Website.

How will Rave Retailer Run my PPC Campaign?

We allow you to set your budget to control costs. You can put a cap on what you spend daily, and it’s flexible enough for you to change your budget at any time. Plus, you only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad! So you can avoid wasting money, and effectively track your results.

How is Rave Retailer Different from Other Digital Ad Providers?

Most people set up some basic ads, set a budget and let their campaign run. They spend a ton of money in a short amount of time and don’t usually see a lot of results.

However, with Rave Retailer, we help you properly set up your campaign. We’ll work with you to determine the best areas to target with your ads, we’ll help screen out any unqualified customers by making sure that your ads won’t show up if someone is searching for something that you don’t really deliver. When you’re selling your merchandise, it would be great to have your ad show up when someone searched “Where do I get my widget around here?” but you probably wouldn’t want your ad to show up if someone searched “Where do I get free widgets around here?”

Is there a contract?

No. You will not sign a contract. It’s based upon a month to month subscription.

Predicting Return on Investment

    We’ll run the testing of your campaign to the point where you will know what results to expect for every dollar spent. At that point you’ll know exactly how much money you will need to spend to get the volume of results you desire.
    So what are you waiting for? Start increasing your Website traffic and conversion rates with Rave Retailer’s SEO!

    Testing Your Campaign to Ensure Success.

      Once your ads are created, and you’ve established your target audience, we’ll test the ads on different days and different times to see which ads actually results in more leads and/or more online sales.

      We’ll only run the most effective so you get the most return for every dollar spent.

      Our Digital Advertisement Includes:

      • Creation and/or optimization of ads to be used in the campaign.
      • Connection to the respective Google Business profile, if applicable.
      • Monthly optimization of the campaign.
      • Monthly reports of the performance of your ads.


      • Setup time for your paid ads takes 2-4 weeks.
      • If you don’t have an ad account already, we will set one up for you with a one-time setup fee of $500 to be paid immediately.
      • Ad spend will be paid directly to the advertising platform.
      • Pricing is based on the amount of ad spend

      Ad Spend


      $1351 – $5000


      Management Fee

      $500 $750 25% of ad spend

      Platform Choices

      1 Up to 2 Up to 3


      Google/Bing, or Facebook/ Instagram Google/Bing, or Facebook/ Instagram, or Display Retargeting, or YouTube Google/Bing, or Facebook/ Instagram, or Display Retargeting, or YouTube

      Campaign Edits

      1 1 2

      Custom Optimization

      Monthly Up to 2x per Month Custom

      Campaign Audience Segments

      Up to 5 Up to 6 Custom

      Manage Your Business, Not Your Technology

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