Lease your tenants’ online office space, otherwise known as websites. Your tenants’ online office space is as critical and valuable as the brick and mortar space you are leasing them. The new commercial property management Software for online office space will bring tenants your many valuable hits and traffic to their business. It’s as valuable as leasing a brick and mortar office on Main Street.

Below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy:

1. Continued Revenue. When your tenant moves out, you may still be leasing their online space forever.
2. Less turnover. Websites that work will keep your tenant in business.

You will also be able to provide them with tools designed to drive them traffic. These new commercial property management software tools are:
1. Mobile Marketing. Provide your tenants with a (text) keyword and short code for text message marketing; they will love it because it will work.
2. Mobile Site
3. Facebook apps work great for any retail and restaurants or bars. These apps are designed to drive traffic, and they do.
4. Email marketing
5. Blogging. It’s as simple as this. Websites with blogs get more traffic.
6. Product catalog. Great for SEO, great for traffic, great for any tenants of yours that can sell stuff online.
7. Shopping cart. Give your tenants that can sell online a cart that works and they will sell more stuff.
8. Analytics. Show your tenants how much traffic you are driving for them.
9. Craigslist. This works great if you have any residential properties or tenants that are in retail.

Every tool has a job to drive traffic for your tenant. The more successful they are; the less turnover and more successful you are.