Manage Your Business,
Not Your Technology.

Our only mission is to help you sell more stuff. We do this by providing you with easy-to-use, cutting-edge, affordable, and productive websites and a full suite of online marketing technology. Take the hassle out of worrying about your technology so you can focus what’s important: running your business.

Rave Retailer offers integration + technology + design + service

so independent business owners can turn their website into a selling machine.

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Rave Retailer is the only online selling solution that integrates your marketplace strategy with your website, product catalog, ecommerce, Amazon store, fulfillment, landing page builder, email marketing, local GeoMarketing, remarketing, blog, social media, and analytics in a single dashboard.


Your Rave Retailer website will be fully designed and customized by our team of graphic designers to match your brand and image. Banner ads, social media pages, email templates, landing page styles, remarketing coupons and more are all included in our affordable monthly programs.


We handle all the tech specs for you: registration of your domain name; secure and stable website hosting; SSL certificate for strong encryption and authentication; PCI compliance to protect you and your customers; and secure merchant processing using Stripe,, or PayPal.


Your own personal Online Specialist will guide you through every step, handing the technical, design and marketing setup while you focus on increasing profit. No more waiting in line for tickets to be answered or searching support forums, just pick up the phone or email them directly. Boom!

Call us, we’re here to answer your questions! 800-549-9206

How is Rave Retailer different?


We make getting a website up and running as simple as 1-2-3. Simply select a theme, choose 3 colors and provide your logo and we’ll do the rest to build your site! Plus, upload your full product catalog, and add a shopping cart to your website and watch your profits increase.

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Every Service Under the Roof in One Dashboard

Our full-suite of services are designed to help you sell more stuff! We integrate all of our services and tools conveniently into your dashboard where you can manage your website, product catalog, email marketing, shopping cart, blog, GeoMarketing, social media services and more.


We make getting a website up and running as simple as 1-2-3. Simply select a theme, choose your colors, and provide your logo and we’ll do the rest to build your site! Our outstanding services won’t bust your budget and start at just $149.99 a month.

Logging into dozens of different platforms to manage your online presence is a nightmare.

Our unique dashboard allows you to manage everything in place – from email marketing, social media posting, blogging to Google Analytics, abandoned cart emails and so much more – so you can simplify your online strategy and manage everything with one login, through one convenient dashboard.


Rave Retailer allows you to control your entire online strategy from one simple dashboard. Websites, Facebook Apps, Email Marketing, GeoMarketing, and integrated shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

Add numerous payment integrations into your shopping cart to allow your customers various ways to checkout, including, PayPal, PayPal Bill Me Later and Crest Financial.

Email Marketing

Add email marketing to your dashboard at an affordable monthly cost, and send timely, good-looking promotional bulk emails to your email subscribers..


Geomarketing is a tool that provides immediate results to get your business found on more than 65 local listing websites.

Customer Reviews

Utilize your positive customer reviews to build more trust with your customers with Rave Retailer’s customer review section!


Designed to target your customers who abandon your website’s shopping cart. In other words, when a customer adds an item(s) to their shopping cart but doesn’t buy it, they have abandoned their cart.


We’re the best at what we do in SEO. We’ve demonstrated our proven results with hundreds of customers in more than 47 markets. We guarantee our SEO services will increase your website visitors.

Pay Per Click

Drive traffic to your website right now with pay-per-click advertising! Its results are immediate and it guarantees your potential customers will find you in an online search.



Rave Retailer offers a sophisticated approach to integrated blogging, designed to improve your website’s search engine ranking and to make you a leading authority in your field.

Product Data Management

Whether you have 100 products or 10,000 products, we make it ridiculously simple to get your entire inventory quickly uploaded to your website!

Rave Retailer puts your store and its products on the world wide web, creating a new revenue stream that’s fast, easy and affordable.

You’re a retailer. You know product. You know what sells, what’s hot-and what’s a dog. You know margin and merchandising and sourcing and selling. You know you need a website, and you know you want to be part of it. You know Shopify is piecemeal, a hodgepodge of expensive apps with different interfaces and support systems. Who has time to customize your own theme, pick your own colors, and become a graphic designer overnight?

You don’t know code. And that’s OK. Rave Retailer is your one-stop online selling solution, on your own corner of the worldwide web.

Kyle Doran

Rave Retailer helped us take our agency to the next level in social media services. We have noticed a dramatic increase in visitors to our clients social media outlets. More importantly utilizing their powerful promotional applications our clients are actually seeing sales directly from their Facebook pages!

Kyle Doran, R&A Marketing

Chad Balser

Amazing. Easy to use. Fun to use. Anybody can do it. I sell cars for a living and created my own website and inside 2 years I am getting 500 hits per month to my website. According to Hubspot my website marketing grade and website grade or both in the 90's which is awesome. Great company, great service, great product with great people doing great things.

Chad Balser, Buckeye Honda

Dick Lerner

Before knowing of Rave Retailer, we had another website built and I would never put it up, it was horrible. Not even in the same universe as our new website made by Rave Retailer. I was at our Chamber of Commerce trade show last Thursday, had our website play from our iPad through apple TV on a big Flat Screen. I had people stop, watch the website, engage in conversation, and questions posed I could take them to our Wedding Video or Made-to-Measure Video or online store to show specific merchandise, all lightning quick. People couldn't believe how efficient we are and how advanced and user friendly our website is for iPad or iPhone.

Dick Lerner, Belair Fashions

A platform with plenty of integration you can trust

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98% of shoppers use online resources to discover, decide, and depend on your business!

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There is no need to wonder what your customers discover when they ask Google __________ “near me.”



David Lively
Co-Founder Rave Retailer

Sell. More. Stuff.

Your online success is in the best hands possible with Rave Retailer’s skilled, experienced and dedicated team. Our programmers and designers make all the buttons work and grant you virtually limitless data storage along with the fastest website load times in the online industry. They team up with our Client Service specialists to continually offer new features to help you manage your online strategy faster, easier and more profitably.