Local SEO

Geomarketing is a tool that provides immediate results to get your business found on more than 65 local listing Websites.

“OK, Google. Find furniture near me”

That’s all it takes for todays’ consumer to find furniture, puppies, sushi, eye doctors and everything else under the sun.

Does Google know you exist? Your customers already know the answer

93% of the customers who walk through your front door for the first time looked up your listing and confirmed your location-most before ever leaving their home.

Is your Google business listing correct and current?

  • Are your business hours accurate-including the extended hours you added for this weekend’s sale, or that unexpected closing when a water pipe burst?
  • Does the photo of your business show your best side-or is it the blank side of your building.
  • Do the driving directions take your customer to your parking lot-or to an empty field?
  • Is your website listed-um, you do have a website, right?
  • Are your customer reviews complimentary-or are they critical?

It’s A Big Deal!


73% of your customers say they lose trust in you when your online local listing is incorrect or they get lost due to faulty location information. Inconsistent business location information across online maps, apps, directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you real sales.

Half of all business listings are not accurate , but 70% of business owners just don’t have time to manage all their local listings.


We get it, and we can fix it.

Our Local SEO Plan Includes:

  • We will input your business profile in upto 45+ different listings (the ones you have an account for and we will recommend which listings to use) such as GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Apple, Bing, FourSquare, Yahoo, Superpages, CitySearch, etc.

  • We will keep the business profiles updated with the correct information provided by the client.

  • In month 2 and beyond of this service we will build backlinks to the various listings to increase their SEO strength and in doing so increase the traffic to and from these sources.


  • Setup time is 4 weeks.
  • Monthly Reports and notifications of any listings that need updating 

Manage Your Business, Not Your Technology

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