What is the best website platform to use for my Clients?

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WordPress vs. Rave Retailer
Although WordPress is a powerful tool to build Websites, it’s not practical for businesses to use the WordPress platform to build multiple Websites for their clients.
Why is this? Hosting.
Unless a business has their own server, they are dependent on Godaddy, HostMonster, Network Solutions, etc … to host their Website. If a person is proficient with WordPress but not proficient with updating server settings, creating email addresses, FTP access, they are solely dependent on Godaddy, etc … for server support. At Rave Retailer, we have a server and simply email your Online Specialist when you need an email address created, something uploaded to the server or any DNS changes. This way you’ll never have to deal with Godaddy or any other big hosting company.
Styling and Programing:
Unless the person using WordPress is familiar with coding, they are reliant solely on what WordPress provides in terms of themes and the ability to change Website colors, Website element dimensions, Website layout and Website functionality. If the person if familiar with coding, they can download the WordPress CSS, tweak the code and then re-upload it. Again, if the person does not know coding, they would have to use what WordPress gives them or hire a professional Web designer.
Rave Retailer:
With Rave Retailer, you don’t have to know how to code or program. We have developers and programmers that will code your entire site, including coloration, CSS modifications and Website functionality.
WordPress has difficulty integrating these elements into their Websites:
Full product catalog
• A good/usable approach to email marketing
Shopping Cart – To sell on a WordPress Website, most people use PayPal, Google Shop, etc …
Facebook applications – WordPress has apps that when someone posts a blog, it will post straight to Facebook. However, they don’t have the full-suite of integrate able apps like we have
Analytics – Google analytics can be integrated into WordPress. However, the person will have to log into their Google analytics account to view the Website Analytics.
Why Rave Retailer is superior to WordPress:
• We host your Website. We have a server. If you need an email address created, you simply email your Online Specialist (or create a ticket) and it will be created. If you need a file uploaded to the server or a change to your DNS, you simply email your Online Specialist (or create a ticket) and it will be done.
• Our platform fully integrates these services:
o Shopping Cart
o Retail Shopping Carts
o Facebook Apps
o Mobile Marketing
o Mobile Websites
o Blog
o Email Marketing
o Craigslist
• All of these services are integrated into one dashboard. We don’t send users to Google Analytics to check out their analytics. We don’t send users to PayPal or Google Shop for their shopping cart.

Your customers

• Once the website is live, your customer base, Mr and Ms business owner, has complete access by logging in thru your website to reach a VERY user friendly Your Brand dashboard where you are giving them access to post a blog, send out an email campaign, send out a text message, edit the website, remove and add product, price product, create product, etc.