What kind of content are you providing your audience as you make branded, promotional material? Are you heavy on images and graphics in an attempt to help people visualize themselves using your product or service? Do blogs or other similar written items often enter into your marketing approach? While these are really great, useful, and effective methods of marketing your brand digitally, there is one tool in particular that is crucial to your reach: video! Let’s talk about why this form of media is so helpful to marketing your brand.

More Popular

As people peruse the different social media and web browsing sources that they do on a regular basis, video is a key integration amidst all of these platforms. And with the heavy presence of video all around us — and all usually in an attempt to sell us a product, service, or just an idea — it has grown to be the most popular form of absorbing content.

Plus, it continues to grow in its popularity and general usage. Studies by Cisco have shown that by 2019, video will be 80% of online content consumed. For this reason, it pays to jump on board the video train before it gets harder to find a seat. Utilize platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or video hosting on your site as a way of taking advantage of this content medium. It will ultimately engage your audience more, thus doing more for your business.

More Effective in Selling

Not only is video super popular among internet users, it is also proven to be a very effective tool in getting people to jump on a promotion and make the decision to buy. Anytime you want to engage a potential buyer in what you have to offer, you provide them with a pitch and the necessary links or resources in order for them to actually buy. Using video for this comes two-fold.

First, you can use video to convert shoppers into engaged shoppers or subscribers to your brand. Studies have shown that including a video in promotional material can increase landing page conversions by upwards of 80%, a sizeable amount. Then, furthermore, using videos to get people to actually buy through you has shown a 64% greater likelihood than not using video. So if you want to boost potential buyer intrigue as well as actual sales, adhere some video content to the items being sold for best results.

More Impactful

When we say that using video is more impactful, we mean this for many reasons, including the aforementioned. However, we’ll mostly look at impact in terms of how video leaves an impression with people in your audience. Video just does this better than other methods. But how?

Simply put, it is easier to remember video over blogs or other forms of promotional material. Watching video caters to multiple senses, being able to see and hear all the reasons to buy a product or service versus just reading about it. This helps a potential buyer envision themselves using this product and liking it. Video stands out with each instance of it being entirely different than another whereas written text all looks the same. For all reasons, if you want to really appeal to people and allow them the ability to see themselves being a customer of yours, video will greatly aid that.


In conclusion, there are countless valuable ways to digitally market your business to its target market. Video just happens to be an extremely useful one. Consider the ways that you can integrate more of this visual powerhouse into your digital marketing strategy and watch your sales and customer base skyrocket! To learn more about different digital marketing strategies, contact the experts at Rave Retailer today.