Your business has a website? Great! Your business is involved in local groups and events? Even better! Your business is offering products for sale both online and in brick-and-mortar? Way to cater to diverse shopping methods! You are doing a lot and you should be excited for all of the avenues into which your business has managed to integrate itself.

But there is still more that you could do to immerse yourself into your industry, by digital means. Let’s check out some methodologies for accruing more recognition in the ecommerce realm!


Facebook is an incredibly useful tool for personal reasons and especially for business. So many programs, applications, features, and more are offered by this tech hub, but unfortunately it is being underutilized by the majority of users, namely business owners. So what are some ways that you could use Facebook to improve the standing of your business?


On Facebook, you have the option to create pages related to your brand. How you apply these page tools is totally up to you, but first and foremost, you must have a business Facebook page. With the sheer mass of people currently using this social media platform, and following other brands via this platform as well, it is crucial that you have a page corresponding with your brand. This allows people to follow you, see updates related to your brand, and more on a regular and recurring basis. With that kind of popularity, you can not afford to miss out. Your business page will outline details on your brand as well as news relative to it.


A great way to give your business more momentum is to give people a place where they can all experience a sense of community over a topic that is related to your business. So give them that! Let’s say you hypothetically own an outdoor recreation store.

You can have your business Facebook page for the purpose of showing off your business, but to have a separate group page where people could connect on camping, hiking, and other outdoor recreation activities will be greatly beneficial to your brand. It will show that you not only have the products necessary for folks to enjoy the outdoors, but to also provide a place where people can link up on common interests that your brand accommodates.


As we mentioned in last week’s blog, video is a form of media that is becoming more and more popular and utilized. To be creating promotional videos on fairly routinely will do your business a lot of good. Having a hub where you can host all of these videos is even better!


Channel your business success online, and open a YouTube channel in order to best do so! Doing this will benefit your business in a multifold manner. When conducting business online, being visible or prevalent is a huge deal. For people to be able to peruse the web and find your business amidst other relevant ones means success for your business. By posting videos on a site like YouTube, you are constantly building links related to your business, broadening your presence online.

The same way that you business endeavors are not limited to only one product category, your business is also not solely limited to only one YouTube channel. If you have different types of products or services that you offer, that create different channels that could cater to the specific interests of anybody and everybody. Video is engaging for consumers today, and video that directly piques their interest will prove even more effective!


In conclusion, there are tons of cool and creative ways to engage customers and bring to light your business. Facebook and YouTube are just a couple of the versatile programs or applications that can help you promote your business to the digital masses. To learn more about digitally marketing yourself with Facebook and YouTube, as well as other platforms, contact Rave Retailer today!