A big part of successfully marketing your brand from a digital platform lies in one thing: Copy! You constantly formulate ways of pitching thoughts or ideas in a way that sells. You write out advertisements and promotional texts. Face it, copy is key! So how do you use copy most effectively? Let’s talk about it.

Understand Your Audience

This might sound like a no-brainer, as knowing the needs of your audience and catering to those needs are essential for doing business. But it goes deeper than just knowing what your audience wants and saying that you satisfy that need. The actual verbiage itself being used to convey the message needs to be considered more closely. Imagine that you are actually sitting in front of members of your audience, saying your pitch directly to them. Then write that in the copy!

Zone in on Your Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition

Ask yourself two questions here. First, ask yourself what it is about your brand or business that makes you good for the job. Express the things that you business does. Make it clear what needs you are in the business of solving. Do not leave prospective customers wondering if you are even capable of handling the task they require, let alone assign you the job of satisfying that need.

It’s all well and good to offer the standard services that your niche calls for, but you have to consider what you offer that stands apart from all of the competition. Here is where you will ask yourself the second question, being what is it about your branding or services that sets you apart from the competition? Every good marketing plan needs this! What’s yours?


Establish Your Objective

Don’t beat around the bush with what you are attempting to convey to potential prospective members of your brand’s audience. Make your objective apparent to anybody that is seeing marketed content directed towards them. Don’t be too broad with your message, be focused. You have a better chance of generating interest and conversions with a focused idea versus trying to reel everyone in with a message that is too broad, because the latter will not do you much good.

Compelling Subject Line

The first thing that is seen on any piece of promotional material is the subject line. This part of your pitch can provide a real make-or-break scenario. Write up your subject line in a way that makes the reader feel that you are asking them specifically to partake in you offer, as opposed to a broad audience. Helping individual audience members perceive themselves as given special attention in a promotion makes them feel excited to jump on board.

Keep Things Neat and Concise

You may get overly excited when you are creating your pitches for your digital marketing platforms and end up rambling. People don’t want to hear you ramble. They want you to quickly, concisely, and effectively express to them why they should participate in your promotion or anything else.


Finally, you want to convey a sense of certainty to you audience. The last thing that you want is to leave them feeling like you don’t quite have a grasp on what you are doing or your ability to satisfy the needs of your audience.

When you are writing copy, do not use weasel words like “should” or “may”. People don’t want to hear that your new phone that you bought from a company “should” or “may” work. Feel confident yourself and write in a way that makes other confident in you as well.

As a final point, utilize the positive experiences of your customer base to your benefit. On products or services that are currently under promotion, include customer testimonials as a means of making past audience members feel valued and acknowledged as well as to assist you in new customer acquisition. Satisfy new and existing customers all at once!


In conclusion, the way you frame your pitches to your audience will be crucial in your success in engaging them in your digital marketing efforts. Crafting copy in the most optimal way to sell is going to go a long way. While these are just a handful of ways to digitally market to your audience effectively, there are countless more ways to achieve this. To learn more about effective digital marketing and the tools to get that job done, contact Rave Retailer today!