Not long ago, Rave Retailer walked you through how to market your business using a marketing funnel. This approach works really well when attempting to showcase the general essence of your brand. However, once your business is up and running, you will need to know how to draw people in with one of the most important e-commerce tools, email! Let’s break down how to set up your email marketing funnel for optimal engagement.


Awareness, within the context of a email marketing funnel is not much different from the standard marketing funnel notion. Before you initiate your email marketing efforts, you begin with your immediate customer awareness. Look at this from the perspective of your business being a car. It could be a really cool car, but it is still your stock model of that car. It can still draw eyes and attract attention, but not as much as if you enhanced it with different modifications, decals, a spoiler, or whatever else will improve its attention-getting capabilities.

So, the initial awareness of your brand is a great thing for your business, but you will want to want to make those modifications in order to increase your potential for brand recognition.


In order to be able to market to your audience via email, there is one important thing that you will need first: email subscribers! What do we want? Email subscribers! How do we get ‘em? …. Let’s talk about that, as there are plenty of ways to prompt signing up.

An easy and effective place to allow people the opportunity to opt-in to your email list is simply at the front of your entire website. Use a pop-up to bring all of the attention onto the fact that you would like to have a visitor of your site to become a member of your emailing list. This is a straightforward approach, but proves super effective.

Although the pop-up method of welcoming people to join your email list will do the trick and catch the eye without any problem, there are other front-of-site measures to accomplish this same goal. In the hero of your site, or the primary header image on your home page, utilize this space to encourage people’s subscription. Make it appealing and enticing and people will oblige.

Furthermore, if you have recurring content, such as a blog, this could also aid in your email subscriber attainment. At the end of each blog, input a subheading with the proper forms for people to sign up for your emailing list. Requesting an email after a good experience, such as that of reading an enjoyable blog or article, will only increase your chances of getting that subscription.

Lead Magnet

Sometimes, it may not be as simple as requesting a subscription from a visitor on your site. For every visitor that willingly subscribes to your email list based on their general knowledge of your business, there are countless others that will want sometime in exchange for their subscription or loyalty.

When this is the case, providing exclusive material or content, access to membership permissions on the site, or countless other things can be used as lead magnets, designed with the specific goal in mind to bring in new subscribers. Consider what you have that could fall under the category of exclusive, desired content that could leave site visitors with their mouths watering to the point of not being able to resist signing up.

Email Sequence

After experimenting around with different ways to bring people in, you will obtain some great new email subscribers. Great, way to go! You have found diverse ways to reel in email subscribers. Now take that same idea of diversifying and apply it to how you send out marketing emails.

Start by breaking down your audience into different, appropriate categories. Your content is not one-size-fits-all and your customer base does not all want the exact same thing. For that reason, break up what you are offering in your marketing emails into different categories and send them out accordingly to best retain interest.

Sales Pitch

When you’re sending out material to your email subscribers, you are essentially doing it in an effort to sell something. Whether you are selling the prospect of checking out new material on a website or selling actual products, you are making a sale to your subscribers. So how do we best construct our sale for best chances of conversion?

Start by improving your subject line. This will improve your open rate, which will ultimately improve your conversion rate, meaning better business for you! Do not write it in a way that looks or comes across as spammy. Refrain from all caps in the font and limit your exclamation marks, doing all of that would seem like yelling at a subscriber to do something you want them to do, which is a faux paus.

For people that do not partake in the things that you are selling in your emails, you could always create a feedback option. To anybody that does not purchase your products or engage in your email, you could set up follow up emails that essentially state that you noticed they did not take advantage of your offer and you would like to know from them how you could improve to better serve them. This will resonate with people, and even if they don’t engage now, it will aid them in engaging later on.


In conclusion, email marketing will do your business a whole wealth of good. For that reason, you need to tailor your email marketing efforts to get the most out of it that you can! Continue to test how you apply you email marketing campaigns and see what works best for you. To learn more about email marketing, the tools to optimize your marketing, and more, contact Rave Retailer today!