Life = Risk

Jan 4, 2013General

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.”


This blog is typically technology focused, but in the weeks to come, we’re going to tell you a little more about us. Sure, you know we build websites, apps and more. Learn a little more about our custom websites at Rave Retailer Sites and more about our apps at Rave Retailer Apps.

But, there is a lot more to Rave Retailer than meets the eye. Part of our company values are that “work is not everything“. In fact, it’s a small piece of our lives. And while that seems counterintuitive, we get more done than most who go to the office and “grind it out”. We office from where we choose, attend to our customers’ needs, try to do things right the first time, and make it a point to love life each day.



On our staff are people from all over the world. Our age ranges are sixteen to sixty something. Our lead programmer is also employed by NASA, and our other top exec is an Iron Man. We have a few motorcycle enthusiasts, a Jiu Jitsu wrestler, a baseball coach, a swing dancer, a yoga teacher, a few musicians, moms, ministers and marathon runners on staff. Why is this important? Because life is all about risk. It’s about striving to always be better and to grow. It’s also about understanding that “if you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.”

Recently our top exec sent the above video to staff, which inspired us so much that one of our designers decided to create images related to each of the individuals mentioned in the video. The video was produced by BluefishTV and it’s important we give credit where credit is due. We hope the video and images inspire you as much as they do us!

Remember, LIFE = RISK.

Fall down; get up.

Make mistakes; smile and try again.

Get out there and start living!

We hope you’ll join us on Facebook in the coming weeks as we introduce our staff to you personally. We’re grateful that you’ve visited and hope that you’ll allow Rave Retailer to be part of your business success. The following is our Identity Statement, which tells a little more about who we are as a company.

Happy 2013! We’re looking forward to it.

Rave Retailer helps business owners live a better life by providing online selling solutions.

If you want us to invite you to our fancy office, we can’t.

We choose where we want to office and work and live, and we let our employees do the same. We’re happy if they’re happy. As a result, we have a team of dedicated, inspired and hardworking people who will go to the end of the earth for you.

If you want us to impress you with fancy blah-blah-blah talk, we won’t.

We just say it like it is, we’re plain talking people who try to do the right thing the first time, every time.

If you want us to be old, antiquated, outdated thinkers, we aren’t.

We’re too cool for that. We work really hard to stay ahead of the curve, keeping the best of the old while being early adopters of new business models, trends and technologies.

If you want us to build cumbersome, complicated systems, we don’t.

We find new ideas, build them on our own dime, then bring them to market after they’ve been tested, tried and proven. We don’t sell products, we create solutions that makes your life better.

We are nice people who speak honestly about solutions that will make you money.

Nothing more, and never anything less.