Marketing has evolved over the years, much of it paralleling the current technology available. Don’t look for that trend to change anytime soon. The better the technology, the more innovative you need to be to stand out!

In as early as the late 1800s, telegraphs were used for advertising purposes, billboards were popping up, and trademarks emerged as a lucrative way to brand products and services. While marketing has grown and expanded exponentially since those times, one aspect of excelling in business hasn’t:


Take a look at the history of marketing in the infographic below by AvalaunchMedia, then begin to think ahead. Make a marketing plan for your business.

It’s plain to see the birth of the internet brought with it a myriad of marketing options. Nearly every business is now represented on the world wide web. As a business owner, what tactics have you put in place beyond a basic web presence? In 2013, the following will be “MUST DO’s” on your marketing plan:

Sell online. The internet was made for business. Upgrade your website to eCommerce and sell your products and services online, giving customers 24 hour access to your business. eCommerce is truly affordable and the start up costs are reasonable. Beyond that, an active online presence (via your website with a product catalog and way for customers to reach you directly) grows your credibitlity as a business and allows you to provide exceptional customer service so those individuals come back for more!

Go mobile. Make your site mobile ready, either by adding a mobile site that is easily viewed on smartphones and tablets, or by converting your website to responsive design which changes based on the size of the screen in which the user is viewing your site. What’s more, going mobile means ensuring your site is search engine optimized (SEO) to include local internet search activity and relevant results. According to Balihoo:

  • 73% of online search activity is related to local content.
  • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information via mobile.
  • 88% of these users take action within a day.

Be social. Advertise your business and connect with customers via social media sites. There are so many to choose from and each may be relevant for varying reasons. Customers and potential customers can “like” your Facebook page to stay abreast of current offers and promotions. There are myriad apps available to help you promote and sell more, which also connects your Facebook page directly to your website for easier customer access. Check out Rave Retailer Apps to learn more. Consider adding your business to LinkedIn to connect with other like-minded businesses, and create a Pinterest page to promote your wares.

Contact Rave Retailer today to learn more about websites, eCommerce, mobilewhite labeled tools and more. We also sell custom websites under Rave Retailer Sites if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind web presence. Let 2013 be your year! Let Rave Retailer help you get there.