At Rave Retailer, we aim to help everybody improve their online business practices. This goes for the new start-up that is just now getting its footing, all the way to people who have been at it for years, no, decades and are wanting to upgrade their operation.

Digital marketing is a fresh and new way to conduct business that has only really emerged as a business necessity within recent years. For that reason, it could still come as a foreign notion to many business owners. For that reason, we’re going to take a step back and look at things from a simpler perspective and outline some of the core social media applications that could be used to boost your business!

Facebook and Youtube

Not long ago, we glanced over some of the really useful tools for these two social media platforms. However, they are still worth noting within our discussion today. Let’s start with Facebook.

Facebook, to anyone that has not utilized this program to a great extent, acts as a catch-all for all of your personal and business interactions. The name itself points to the utility of this platform, as it acts as a facebook or contact list where you can reach anybody from anywhere at anytime. The ability to promote ideas, products, endeavors, and more are all key uses for this site. Facebook is also, oftentimes, used to promote a business or individual’s activity in other social media platforms as well. So this one is a must for business!

YouTube is a great place to house your video media and bring in some real market attention. You are able to post promotional video content or fun, free videos strictly to show prospective customers what you and your business are all about, all the while, giving people the means to subscribe to your channel and remain apprised to all new updates within your business. Again, another must for your business!


For any newcomers to the social media game, Twitter could be a really great starting block with an awesome response from your audience! It is a simple notion at its core. You are given the ability to post a quick thought or idea, known as a Tweet, of up to 140 characters. With that allotted character count, tell people in no time what is going on with your business in a fun, concise manner. The fact that you are only allowed x-amount of characters is beneficial in that as well, as it will prove long enough to get your point across, but short enough to not lose attention. In your posts, you can also tag people or other businesses, or hashtag (#) more popular ideas, so that folks looking up things relevant to those tagged or hashtagged items can land on your business in the prospect, building your audience!


Proven is the fact that in this day in age, people are really big on visuals. Written text pouring down the pages of your website, in brochures, or anywhere else is not going to keep the attention of your followers. You know what will? Pictures! Videos! Instagram gives you exactly this. You are able to post high-quality photos and short video clips about your business. In a similar fashion to Twitter, you can utilize tags and hashtags to adhere your content to other entities and to bring attention to your business as well!


Express not only images or videos, but present people with the means to create in the real world! Pinterest is a service that allows people to share ideas that are best explained as craft- or project-oriented. In many cases, you have to get creative in order to get the job done, and sometimes the creative way to get the job done is simply not coming to mind. That’s where Pinterest can come in handy in multiple ways! If you are in need of a great project idea, you are sure to find a solution on Pinterest. If you are the one to spark a great idea and share it on Pinterest, that will only benefit you as anybody else who may need a similar solution to a similar problem can get it done and know that you were integral in making it happen!


In conclusion, social media is not super intuitive, especially to anybody that may have been in the business game for some time now and currently having to adapt to this new content climate. Today, we simply wanted to provide a refresher on some of the more utilized social media platforms in business today. See how these can help you grow your business and to learn more about any of these great programs, contact Rave Retailer today!