Buyer and Seller Pushing the Shopping Cart Together

Feb 27, 2017Shopping Cart0 comments

At the core of any business is one joint driving force, to make customers happy and make money all at the same time. This is a common goal held by all businesses and can be seen across larger corporate businesses, single brick and mortar stores, or fully-online operations. For all businesses, it is crucial to have an online presence in the business world with things moving towards the digital realm. Many businesses may have websites, but the question is whether their websites have a portal through which they could actually sell their products. There are many different aspects to the website from which the business is run. But ultimately, with the aforementioned objective of making money, the most important piece of this digital platform to close deals with clients is through a shopping cart function. Alongside being able to get the sells put through, there are many functions of this feature that make it even more useful to seller and buyer alike.

On the shopper’s end of the shopping cart matter, the fact is that they will have to pay for whatever item it is that they are interested in purchasing. Furthermore, this means that they must surrender their credit card information. And even furthermore to that, this can tend to make people nervous. While transactions continue to occur primarily in store, there is still a degree of uncertainty with online shopping, and people need to make sure they feel trusting towards a website before throwing their money at it. Online shopping cart services will have indicators scattered throughout that they you can trust them with your personal information. When you arrive at the shopping cart or the checkout portion of your purchase, you will notice that the the link of the page you are under begins with ‘https’ as opposed to the typical ‘http’. The ‘s’ on the end verifies that the page is secured with an SSL or Secure Socket Layer Certificate, meaning that it is a secure page. Along with this, privacy policies, and other signals will be apparent that are used to further reinforce the notion that a site or portal is secure. Knowing this of your website’s shopping cart will bring some solid peace of mind to your customers as they are in the final steps of purchasing from your business.

Upon inhaling after a customer’s sigh of relief at the secure nature of the online shopping cart, the next round of stress may be closely followed and within sight. Now come the nagging questions of how this product that was just ordered is going to get from point A to point B, how long it will take, how much it will cost, which courier will be responsible for shipping, and the list can go on from there. Well a potential buyer can find peace in knowing that these are not question that they need ask themselves, heck, they’re not really questions they have to ask anyone. Once you, as a business owner, website owner, and then by nature of virtue, the one fueling shopping cart options, devise a system comprised of some different shipping options, the now-buyer will have all of those programmed options presented to them. This will have be extremely beneficial to the buyer and the seller, leaving all parties feeling as though they came out on top. To buyer, this will make their life easier, making them less stressed, and in turn, making them more inclined to complete their purchase, and then ultimately if the product is successful to the needs of buyer, this one-time buyer will become a return client, making strengthening business for the business owner.

Speaking of recurring clientele, there is one other great function of the shopping cart. The mere fact that someone purchased a product of yours online means that the goods and services your business provides must fulfill the need of an shopper. So we did our job to the fullest then, right? Wrong! Same with our aspirational want in life, we do not feel entirely satisfied once we accomplish one goal, we find something new to shoot for relative to our last accomplishment and, well, shoot for it. The same goes for our consuming habits. Say I buy new running shoes. I am happy that I made the purchase, but there may be a need to buy more comfortable arch supporting socks to complement my new purchase, and possibly enhance my original purchase’s value to myself. If there is in fact something else that could contribute to the picture of my running hobbies, I need something to jog my memory of that need (pun absolutely intended). Online shopping carts have the added function of finding similar products to the one that was bought and let those be known to the buyer that they could be of use to them. These suggestions are a key to shaping repeat clientele, give people what they want!

But enough about the customers’ wants, because we know by now that this shopping cart feature is on the customer’s’ side in some way or another. How is it also siding with the Business owner? Well, we can start with the topic of ease, as hearing that something is not complicated immediately keeps ears perked, but I guess to the reader audience in this case it would be eyes glued. In a similar sense to the ease of shipping for customers, Business owners are presented with the same absence of grief and headaches as customers. Depending on the shopping cart servicer, you will have varying methods of shipment programming where you can set a predetermined array of options by which buyers could receive their products. For business owners, this is to be perceived as a type of time investment where an initial capital of time is put down with the ultimate reward of easier shipping for the future to come. To have this function incorporated by way of having a online shopping cart on your website from which purchases can be made, you make life easier for yourself and, as aforementioned, easier for your to-be-customers, which will only make your life exponentially easier.

A desire to know the progress of one’s company should be inherent to anyone running a business. And, importantly also, is the fact that one can not just look at the profits that are being generated or the lack thereof, but there must also be a way of seeing which products are effective in selling and creating return clients, and which methods of promotion are proving to be most useful. The shopping cart feature will give you an idea of what is working well in your website’s setup, but it goes even beyond that. This function will not only aid in showing you what is working, but also in what is not quite finishing strong. Incidents of shopping cart abandonment are common in online shopping. With an online shopping cart, exact figures and statistics on people leaving before checkout can be attained. If most business owners saw that they had large numbers of people backing out of purchases and they new there was a way to encounter this, and thus attack it, they would absolutely be making use of such a tool. Knowing that there is a way to maintain good aspects of business and ways to reel clientele back in are vital, and to know this by means of online shopping cart analytics and calculations is huge.

Finally, it is important for business owners to have online shopping carts available on there website for the sole purpose of running a business, to sell things. Businesses with websites that merely show products but only direct you to an actual physical location as a means of purchasing, instead of having a portal through which goods or services can be bought and sold, are largely missing out on opportunities to gain business. Online shopping has gained a lot of momentum over the years. What this means is that in order to compete in the business world in general, a business has to prove itself to be a contender in the e-commerce realm as well. To work strictly from a physical store today is not practical or beneficial in the long term with the digital market booming as it is. In summation, to have a website with a shopping cart function means to be a player in e-commerce, and to be a player in e-commerce is to be a player in the business world at large!

Apparent is the fact that having a website with a shopping cart is crucial to conducting business online. The reasons behind having this tools go on forever.On both ends of the buyer/seller relationship, there are countless benefits to such a function, and to implement this means to optimize the business experience for everyone involved. While this has left you with a lot of knowledge regarding shopping carts and their significance, if there are still other questions prodding you on the subject, reach out to the people at Rave Retailer to teach you more on the subject and how to get this function working for you!