Building Engaging Content

Sep 3, 2018Websites

What catches people’s attention? What drives them to act? And how can you present information or ideas to people in the most effective way possible? In the e-commerce world, knowing how to deliver ideas to your market will be the difference between your marketing success or shortcoming. For that reason, today we’ll outline some of the most effective measures to take to get your point across to the right audience.

Content Type

Two major considerations for when you are building marketing or advertising campaigns are the content type and the context type. The content applies to the way you are showing your information, or the delivery, and the context applies to what your content is attempting to delivery. Think of content as how and context as what. Let’s start with content.



People need to be engaged in order to care about your advertisements or marketing content. One sure-fire way to engage consumers is through blogs. They are a fun and interesting way to take information, sculpt it in a written way that makes sense, shows authority, and simply appeals. Choose blogs if you feel that written content will be a good way to reel in your audience, chances are, it absolutely will!


Images are another great way to pique people’s interest is through images. Having professionally done photography or graphic design will help people visualize the product or service that you are providing. Through graphics, you are also able to embody the way people should feel while using your product or service, all within the quick glimpse it takes to see your ad. Give people something to look at and bring their vision of using your product to life.


It’s been said before and it will be said again: if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Video covers all of your bases. It gives the verbal appeal of blogs, adheres that to the visual appeal of images, and then goes above and beyond that by having the ability to keep people in their seats, eye’s glued to the content at hand. Video is becoming more and more popular today, so grab hold of that new media and use it to your advantage!

Context Type

So now that you know the most attractive forms of media or content delivery systems to help build intrigue for your brand and what it provides, let’s look at what the context of this marketing media could be in order to best reach your audience.

Product Spotlights, Demonstrations, and How-To’s

People involved in a particular niche are generally intrigued by products or services related to their niche. However, oftentimes, there can be holes in the market that need filling. That’s where you can come into play. Come up with product spotlights, demonstrations, and more to help people learn more about how to improve their skills with the products that they know of or bring to light products or solutions that they may not know of. Provide materials that advertise your goods and services, but also provide tools to help guide and education your market.

Industry Trend Analyses

If your goal is to appeal to both customers as well as business-to-business efforts, industry trend analyses could be useful content to provide. For your customers, they will find value insights into what is popular within their niche and may influence their buying or using decisions. As for other businesses, such as retailers, they could also see the trends you are focalizing, and decide to adjust their catalogs to fit your trend insights, maybe even adopting your goods and services. All around, providing marketing material tailored to express industry trends will do you a heck of a lot of good.


While these are just a few of the content- and context- related approaches to providing good advertising, marketing, or otherwise promotional content, there are countless ways to achieve this form of content creation. Ultimately, test different methods, assess your success, and continue from there! To learn more about creating branded content, for whatever purpose, contact the pros at Rave Retailer today!