Ideal Keywords and Effective Advertising: A How-To

Jun 29, 2018PPC Advertising, SEO

When operating a business online, being found is not as straightforward as finding a physical business location. When you’re looking for a place in your town that sells that product or service that you are looking for, you can generally find it pretty easy by means of a quick drive, word of mouth, or by some other measure. Online businesses, however, need to give people alternative means to find them, that being keywords. But how do you hone in on the right keywords for your business? Here’s how!

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

Look at this way. Say you are searching for a particular product online and need to come up with the right words or phrasing or overall approach by which you will conduct your search. You know that writing the proper words will make for the most effective search returns. So what you need to do, as a business owner, is  determine how a potential buyer could best find their way to you. The keywords, verbiage, jargon of the industry, location, and more could all be used to find you, so consider what methods would help land people at your website most seamlessly. Be sure to look through the eyes of the potential buyer.

Categorizing Your Ads Appropriately

Part of owning a business or businesses is to make it a point to diversify your efforts and to either expand into new arenas or expand your reach within your current industry. With the goal of diversification and expansion comes the expectation that you will have more products and services to provide, hence, more to promote. To most effectively promote your goods and services, you must ensure that they all receive ample attention amidst your overall catalog. All of your products, from the most prominent and popular all the way to the most simplistic accessory items, should be lumped accordingly for best promotion.

Devise Specific Keywords Corresponding with Your Specific Ads

Once you have your services broken down into the smaller, more relevant categories as previously mentioned, you will need to examine each category closely and attentively. From each ad group that you create, you will need to generate keywords that can apply to your various categories, so as to give search engines the recognizable cues necessary to send people to your brand.

Furthermore, you want the intentions or offerings of your ads to be very apparent. When people search the necessary keywords in order to land on a search return housing your ads, your ads should leave them with the most important details. Tell them the product or service for sale, for how much, how long that promotion will last, and why they should act now!

After some time of running promotions, you will find that some ads have more success than others. You will find that there are certain keywords, negative keywords that is, that may seem to be effective words for your purposes, but do not perform to the level that you would expect or hope. Be weary of these negative keywords and adjust your promotional keywords accordingly.

Keyword Planner

No good advertising campaigns will do without the proper tools being implemented. As you go about grouping your different keywords, based on the products you will be putting up for advertisement, structure your efforts. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to organize all of you campaigns, monitor your budgets, and find tune your advertisements all together. Take advantage of great features like this and use them to the fullest to get the most out of your promotional efforts.


In conclusion, with keywords being the driving force behind getting attention online and pushing sales, it is important that you approach your keyword selection, and subsequent ad generation, properly. Take these steps and apply them within your advertising efforts and watch your online recognition and sales improve to heights like never before. To learn more about Google Adwords and online promotion, contact the pros at Rave Retailer today!