The Cherry on Top of Online Shopping

Jan 31, 2014Business Solutions, E-Commerce, General, Websites, White Label

Creating an online store versus a physical store is like comparing apples to oranges. Online stores require you think outside the box simply because customers can’t see, smell, or touch items that you are selling. If you’re thinking, “there’s no way you can replicate that kind sensory experience with online shopping.”  Let’s do even better.

Don’t settle for a subpar online store. Know how to knock your customers socks off when they visit your site. You want to create a store at which people feel good spending their money. How? Keep reading.

Make product descriptions irresistible.

Writing inadequate products descriptions is a huge mistake a lot of stores make. Take the extra time to answer common questions about the product. Always answer: who, what, where, when, why and how. Obviously some may not apply to your product, but by including this in the description, it offers ways of using a product people may not have thought about.

Highlight features of the product and explain what the potential benefits are to your customers. Tell them why it will make their life easier. Tell them why they have to have it. If it’s going to save them time and money, make sure they know it!

High quality product images are the icing on the cake.

Don’t skimp on photography. JUST DON’T DO IT! In the long run, high end product images save you money. Think about it, if a customer sees exactly what they are getting, this means less returns or exchanges and more money in your pocket. Human beings are visual creatures. Have photos of every option of a product available with different perspectives of it. Enable zooming so they can see details and be consistent in the way products are displayed. Give customers the best visual experience at your site possible.

Helping shoppers along their journey is the cherry on top.

In a physical store you can have a staff of people to help customers with questions, finding products etc. You can always enable a live chat, but there are other options as well to accomplish this online. Make it simple and easy for viewers to get from start to finish. In other words, from the time someone goes to your site, to the time they finish checking out should be in as few as steps possible. Run test orders to see how easy it is to do this.

Other ways to make finding products easier is to feature best sellers somewhere on your site. Put them next to the “Add to Cart”  button or “Checkout” button. Instant sale! Clearly display all coupons and promotions going on for your business. This prevents coupons from being lost, and cart abandonment because of it.

Trust and loyalty go a long way.

Shopping online can be daunting to some people because you don’t see a friendly face behind the counter. Could this be a scam? Is my information safe? Am I really getting what I’m paying for?

These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves while online shopping.

Build rapport with your customers by sharing your story and enabling trust indicators. Tell the story of your business and how you got to be where you are. This allows people to know you really do know what you are talking about.

An SSL certificate allows you to offer a safe checkout experience for customers purchasing through your online store. Any personal or payment details will be encrypted before they are sent to your site, giving your shoppers an extra boost of confidence. Display badges from payment gateways as well.


Give  your customers a truly great online shopping experience. They’ll come back time after time.

Give them their cake and the icing too.

Oh yea, and the cherry on top.