Writing to Save Space

Feb 14, 2014Blog Posts, General, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Sites, Social Media, Websites

Because even the smallest of words can be the ones to hurt you, or save you.”    Natsuki Takaya

We’ve all experienced the elusive condensing of a large text because it just wouldn’t fit in the area given. Whether it be a proposal, a marketing strategy, or design for a website, we have to know the appropriate amount of words to use to engage a reader, but not bore them to death ― to fit in the space provided, yet still market to the full potential, to say what we really intend to say.

Too many words can hurt your intent.

Keep things concise while including the most important details. Pick out the most important things you want your audience to read and stick to them in the least amount of words possible. Every time I write anything, I reread it and delete phrases that don’t add meaning to the writing.

Write one more draft.

Write at least two drafts. One long draft that has everything you want to say in it. Put that draft completely out of sight and write a super concise draft, not looking back at the long one. You tend to only hit the most important parts when you try to write in the least amount of words. Now look back at the first draft to ensure you didn’t miss anything too important.

Always have word choice in the back of your mind.

Word choice is incredibly important when writing just about anything. Choose words that get the point across. Using words that are poignant allows your audience to know you are confident about what you are writing about.

Don’t be afraid of abbreviations.

Although abbreviations aren’t appropriate everywhere, you can use them in some instances. For example, if you are trying to tell your client about your new “reminder messaging via your mobile phone,” you can simplify it to “follow-up SMS.” The simpler things are the better.

ALWAYS let someone else review before posting.

Whether it be your boss, your friend, your coworker, or your spouse, let someone else review your writing before posting. Chances are they will find something you left out or made a mistake on.

 Keep writing simple. Think about writing concisely, writing more than one draft, word choice, abbreviations and peer review to further simplify things.

Don’t let your words be the ones that hurt your purpose.

Words can give life and meaning to your writing.

Let your words be the ones that save.