Have You Heard About Vine?

May 7, 2013Social Media

You may be familiar with Twitter or Instagram, but have you ever heard of Vine?

Vine is the newest social media: video sharing.

Just as Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, Vine also puts a limit on your sharing. Each video is limited to just six second and the camera is only rolling while your finger is on the screen, offering a GIF-like or stop motion animation effect. Check this out to see it in action.

Developed by Twitter, Vine offers you the longest and best six seconds of your life. 

The point is to be personal not promotional.

Vine is so new that even companies like Honda, Victoria’s Secret and Walmart, although they have created accounts, have not made posts yet!

Vine is currently only on the market for Apple devices. In the App Store, Vine is the “number one most downloaded free app.” It’s an emerging social media that would be good to keep an eye on. Check it out and let us know what you think.