Let’s face it, it is easy as could be to overlook sending out regular promotional emails to your email subscribers. Your daily operations with your small business are already taxing enough, and amidst the madness of that day-to-day, forgetting or putting off email marketing efforts just ends up happening sometimes…maybe more than we would like.

However, even though it can be easy to look past this action for your online or brick-and-mortar business, it is crucial that you a lot the time to address this matter. So why is regular email marketing so important? Let’s talk over some reasons:

Most Popular Contact

Start by asking yourself this question: what is the means of communication, business or personal, that is the most utilized by people across the country? We see folks making use of social media content all the time, so it would appear at first glance that this would be the case, however, this look can be deceptive. While social media is especially helpful in building a brand and boasts popularity among users, it by-and-large falls short of the sheer usage of email. Statista studies found that in 2019, the total number of active email account users rose to 5.594 billion! Compare that to the 2.38 billion total Facebook users, the next most utilized social tool, and email exceeds that 2+ fold!

Most Direct Contact

Using email to reach your clients requires a little leg work up front through the act of email acquisition, but once you have that means of contact, the draw-bridge is lowered for you to reach your clients, and quality contact at that! With email, your content lands directly in front of customer eyes and attention, leaving no guessing game as to whether they will ultimately see your or not. There are different metrics by which to gage results of campaigns across platforms. Below are the relative metrics compared:

– Email Delivery: With proper configuration on the end of the sender and receive, this number should undoubtedly be 100%.
– Facebook Organic Reach: Average organic reach accounts for only 6.4% of page likes according to Social Sprout.

– Email Open-Rate: Average open rate of 17.92 percent according to Campaign Monitor.
– Facebook Engagement Rate: Median engagement rate of 0.09% per Facebook post, according to Social Sprout

Most Personalized Contact

Email registration processing allows for a great deal of customizability on the seller end, and by product of that, a lot of personalization on the consumer end. When someone opts to follow a brand on Facebook, they like the page, thus confirming that the user would like posts by said brand to appear in their newsfeed. That’s really where it ends in terms of follower customization. With email, you are able to segment your audiences and craft emails specifically for them. Not only is engagement higher in emails as we saw in the earlier statistic, but push that one step further by personalizing it to your specific segment of your audience in question, and you could see even bigger results! According to MailChimp Click through rates are over 100% higher in segmented email campaigns. Not only does it pay to apply email, but apply it in this tailored way, and you’ll experience serious connection with your audience.


To conclude, email marketing is a powerful tool that you simply can not overlook in your digital marketing strategy. As we’ve seen here, email is the most used platform for communication, most direct, and most capable of personalization and customization when reaching your audience. If email marketing is something that is not currently a part of your digital approach, but you would like it to be, learn more by visiting Rave Retailer today!