Business Success So Clear, It’s 2020

Jan 31, 2020Amazon FBA, Blog Posts, Business Solutions, General, Websites

The first month of the new year and new decade is now at its end. So, with the conclusion of that first major milestone within this fresh new period of time, question for you.

How have you performed thus far? Are you achieving all of the business goals you had set out for the time between 2020 and 2030, and beyond?
… Or do you feel you are spinning your tires with no forward progress?

Solid execution begins with a solid plan, and to anybody out there in need of guidance, Rave Retailer is here to provide exactly that! Let’s talk about a step-by-step process to gaining some traction for your business’s future growth!

Proper Selling Platforms 

You have a product, and you’re looking to sell the HECK out of that product! And you can achieve that, and the first step we’ll preface with a thought. Nobody is going door to door looking for you to sell them something, they ultimately come to YOUR place of business. So let’s get you rolling with a place of business… a digital place, but a place nonetheless.

You’ll want to have your own storefront, a place that people can come to specifically to buy your products, where your established and prospective clients can land to buy directly from you. A branded e-commerce site is an extremely powerful tool for your business. It will provide your branding, everything about your business and products, and a mode of purchasing them. So first order of business, get equipped with an e-commerce site to call your own!


As you establish your e-commerce site, you’ll also want to consider specific marketplaces where your products could sell strongly as well. Examples of these marketplaces, you ask? Well, if you’re going to consider any one in particular, Amazon would be it! Getting your products selling on Amazon will work wonders for your business as a whole, and provide good supplementation to your e-commerce site.

Enticing New Client Relationships From Scratch

Okay, so now you have your site and your Amazon store setup. What next?

We’ll move forward in this process under the assumption that you are starting from zero clients currently and looking to grow from that ground zero. So how do we begin to establish clientele from scratch?

As you begin to try to market your business online, the first way in which you will attempt to achieve this is through organic means. What this means is that you’ll essentially load your site up the proper search-engine-friendly content, associated pages such as blogs, and other implementations necessary to aid search engines in directing people to you when they submit a relevant search query. In laymen’s terms, someone Google’s something your business does, and your business show up as a search result.

After you let your organic efforts run for some time, apply a little pressure. You can do this in the form of paid digital ads by means of platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. This will help you take the information you gather regarding your niche and target audiences and pay for optimal positioning to earn even more business!

Nurturing Established Client Relationships

Once you’ve scored your business a good amount of clientele, you’ll want to take your hand, reach it over your shoulder, and give yourself a firm pat on the back for a job well done, because acquisition can be tough! Then, return to the hustle! You will want to maintain an online presence. In any business, maintaining relationships with clients is key, so you will not want to neglect addressing that business need of yours.

The cool thing is that today, with the unlimited amount of digital resources available to us, it’s easier than ever to maintain a presence and form of communication with more, if not all, of your clientele at once. Social media allows you to blast posting to all of your followers, or customers, in one fell swoop! Even better, as you gain clients, keep them in the loop with your products and services, promotions, what’s going on with your business, and more via email marketing tools!


Encouraging Established Clients to Market Your Business

So you now have your site, you have a mode of generating leads, and you’ve landed clientele. The process of generating leads through your processes in place will continue, but now you also have a new opportunity to generate leads: your clientele!

Your clients have enjoyed the products and services that you have provided, now incentivize them to share the opportunity to enjoy the same service with others. Promotions on the aforementioned social and email platforms encouraging people to share or refer new clients for a benefit to them, say 15% off products or services or a free bonus service, could really get your clientele working for you in getting you even more business!

Also, your current clients have had a good experience right? Of course they have! In the same fashion as the previous point, encourage them to leave customer reviews in order to gain perks through your business! In terms of having your clients spread the word of your business, there is nothing but options and opportunities!


What do you have now after attacking each of these line items? You have a system! A SUCCESSFUL system! You have a place for people to purchase, you have a way to drive traffic to you, you have a way to nurture your client relations, and boost clientele all together! You now have a plan for success that is clear as 2020 for, well, 2020! To boost your business this year, contact the professionals at Rave Retailer!