Finding and Digitally Marketing your Brand’s Place in the Industry

Feb 2, 2018E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Social Media and Small Business

To have a business is not enough. To have the products, the services, the know-how are all not enough. You need to know how to integrate yourself into the most visible parts of the field or industry. And with today being as technologically advanced as it is, you will want to do this with digital marketing. But what do we look for in other companies or entities as we are trying to distinguish where we stand. Let’s talk about that now!

What are other groups, companies, and organizations that are in a similar field?

You want to have a successful endeavor. That is the goal, correct? With that being the case, you should not just try to manifest the success of your business on your own, but to pull from outside influence. You are one business, and there are many others out there that have found their way, why not look to the wealth of resources on what was done right as a means of learning for your own work? Competition within an industry, also brings itself about in a collaborative way as well, as each business or party could learn from the previous and apply that in their own businesses.

Look at musicians, look at artists, look at athletes, or just anybody for that matter. From generation or artist or entrepreneur, you find that one generation influences the next and so on. That is because each entity finds a need, creates the means to address it and then another need is found and either picked up by the same party or by another. While it is not useful to put ourselves down by looking at the fortune of others or other companies, it will prove very useful to look at other entities for where they have succeeded, where they may have fallen short, what needs are left after they have accomplished the need the set out to satisfy, and how you can satisfy that need or a different new need in the market. So look to other companies for a frame of reference on what an industry desperately needs and go after it.

What do other businesses have that you do not?

Why be defensive of your business and not acknowledge where other businesses are excelling. To think highly of the performance of other businesses is not admitting defeat within your own endeavors. It is simply seeing what works and what does not. If a business has shown a successful method of satisfying a need, utilize their method as it has been tried and tested, and then manipulate it to your specifications over time. Even in something as simple as swimming for the first time, you learn it from someone who has had experience, and learn based on that and then apply your own brand of learning beyond that.

In anything that we do, we experience failure or falling short. However, when you look to outside businesses other than your own, you are able to view their experiences as your own. Did they do something in particular that was not practical or the market? Did they produce a product that did not go over well? Why was it not successful? Remember when you were young and your parents said something along the lines of “I made those mistakes that you did not have to”. Well, look at your examination of other brands as this same notion and see great success for your business developing itself as a brand.

What do you have that other brands do not

Now, look to other business, but from a different frame or lens. What do you have that other businesses do not? Do you have a specific product that changes the needs of the industry forever? Do you provide support on your product as a standard service to that product and in a way that other businesses do not? Find what makes you stand out amidst the rest of the competition. Make this a cornerstone of your business, stating that you do a lot of work that is standard within the industry, but also do this really cool new thing that no one else provides. This will prove useful and beneficial to your business on the whole and is worth framing in your digital marketing strategy.


In conclusion, you need to see what is happening within the industry that is surrounding you. What can you learn from them? What is important in the industry? What is important to broadcast and promote as a part of that industry? And what can you do to excel the industry and tell the world about what you are doing differently? All of this needs to go into how you consider your digital marketing of yourself. To learn more about this and digital marketing practices, contact Rave Retailer today.