Brand positioning has been the hot topic for Rave Retailer as of late, but for good reason! How people perceive your brand should be help tantamount to how people would perceive you as a person as well as the company you keep such as friends and family. For that reason, we continue our discussion, as it is important to convey the best impression possible for anyone that does business with you or is a prospective client. You have got to present yourself as best as possible!

And sometimes, this comes in the form of things that are so simplistic, we may have never even considered them!

Let’s look into some of these things now.


Okay, you might be thinking right off the bat that this is way too superficial of an attribute and that it could not make that much of a difference in your presentation to others. Well, believe it or not, colors does have an impact. Think about the colors that you want people to associate with your brand or the matching of different colors with one another. What do you think of when you see a sign on a highway with red and yellow on it? You think, it’s about time for a Big Mac and a McFlurry! And the same goes for so many other popular, recognizable brands…the association that is, not the food. So ask yourself what colors you want to use in turning people’s attention toward you brand?

Check out a couple popular color schemes, see how those colors frame the personality of the business, and think about the personality you would want for your business.




Any way your company decides to conduct business is great! But, what is important is knowing where that approach of yours stands on the spectrum of formal to informal. Something as simple as text on a website and the way it looks can also be something that says a lot about your business. If you are an accounting firm looking to reel in professionals in search of number-orientation, then this font may the be font for you. However, if your emphasis is on fun first and the semblance of order second, then feel free to throw some Comic Book Sans on that, or hit it with some funky Lobster text, just consider avoiding Wing Dings if possible.

Here are a couple examples of where font is playing a role in describing the business with which it is associated.

Under Armour

Charles Schwab

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! For that reason, imagery will be key in defining who your business is, what it stands for, and more. You ultimately want quality for these images, but this goes two-fold.

You want images that are quality in terms of their sheer look, design, lighting, and overall aesthetics. Having poor looking, grainy graphics is not going to get anyone stoked to do business with you. So make sure that the photos are professionally done and looking sharp!

The second quality that you should seek in your branded imagery is that of quality applicability. Do your photos get the point across what your business does? Or do they at least embody the personality of your digital marketing the way you want? If your branded images do not do this, give your images an overhaul!

Look at some examples of how businesses embody their brands through images.




In conclusion, there are a lot of small details in the way that we present our brands that we may overlook, but that may be holding us back from optimal client acquisition and retention. Think about the personality you want your brand to take on and implement it so that everyone can understand, trust, and adhere to your business. To learn more about digital marketing strategies such as these and more, as well as integrating them into your ecommerce plan, contact Rave Retailer today!