Description of Business

Oct 2, 2017Blog Posts, Social Media, Social Media and Small Business, Websites

To have all of the cool bells and whistles for your online business strategy will do wonders for you…if you have a plan backing them, that is. Any company is capable of striking some serious success when implementing cool digital tools, it just comes down to knowing how to use them most effectively. The best way to ensure that your service will be utilized most optimally is to have your overarching business plan solidified. From there, utilize your web services to reinforce these elements of your business plan. Over the course of October, Rave Retailer break down the four most essential pieces of any business plan and provide guidance on using them to benefit any business, from small start ups to bigger more established companies. This week, we’ll talk about delivering background information on your brand. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Your website says a lot about your business. It is central to all processes that your business undergoes and is the communicator that relays the all the happenings of your business to customers. As we consider the idea of describing your business through your website services, it goes without saying that this is where the majority of your self-depiction comes into play. Fortunately, all of that information will have a place to go on your website. Although the content of your written business plan and that of what you convey on your website will be different in certain regards, the information that you outline in your plan regarding your business background can be adapted to help project what your business is to your online site visitors and customers. Product catalogs on your website show the needs you wish to feel in your buyers, an ‘about us’ page contains mission statements of your goals and give insight into the reason for your business, and other cool features can highlight your business.

Social Media

Supplementary to the inside scoop that your website will give visitors about your business, is your social media portrayal. Your social media acts as a means of continuing to let people know what you have to offer them. With the wide variety of social media platforms, you can cater them to achieve different goals in depicting your business. Using twitter, you can quickly and concisely deliver straight-forward messages to your followers about you! Drop quick and nonchalant information about different products or promotions, and do so in your voice. Instagram, being photo and video driven, provides a great opportunity to give visual evidence into your character and the personality of your brand, as well as showing all the cool items you have to offer. Facebook, in the equation, will serve as a catch all. You can feed most posts from other social media sites into your Facebook feed as well as make posts that originate straight from your Facebook account. Plus, this is one aspect of your self-description that can easily be altered and updated, so you can spotlight yourself in new, fresh ways every day!


Do more to convey your brand and all of your expertise in your field. On your website, you are given the space and the means to broadly overview your business on its major points. On social media, you can quickly post updates to ensure that your followers learn more tidbits about your business each day. However, to have an outlet through which you can go into detail on specific topics is equally important, so your followers can hear you discuss information about the industry and showcase your expertise. This is your chance to veer from the core ideas upon which you brand is constructed and speak on more specifics, like your take on certain trends in your industry, helpful tips on doing things in the field, and more! This is the chance to take an unconventional avenue in order to let your followers get to know you on a different level.


In conclusion, the first step of your business success is your business plan. From there, different web services can aid the process in giving you platform to best portray yourself to the people with whom you wish to do business. Your business description is key and having a versatile way to convey that to customers is crucial. If you are starting a new business or recalibrating your business plan, take the time to consider how you are selling your brand with the way you are presenting it. To learn more about these services and how to use them to your business’s benefit, contact Rave Retailer today!