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Oct 9, 2017Email Marketing, Geomarketing, Remarketing, SEO, Websites

So, you’ve tested the waters, surveyed the scene, and now you’re knee deep in the water towards your business setting sail. As you sail past the stage of establishing the best way to describe your business, you venture into the territory of considering the next stage of your business plan: the marketing end. At this point, you will start establishing your projected customer base, their age range, their gender, their interests and more, to zone in on the people to whom you will market your brand. Although you have done your research and have developed a firm idea of your prospective customers, the next consideration is how to apply this information online to suit your digital business strategy. You can cater to your market using digital web service integrations, let’s dive in!

Appealing to Potentially New Customers

While your marketing plan is ultimately geared towards reeling in prospective customers whom you feel would express intrigue in what your brand has to offer, it can be broken down into customers that fit the bill of doing business with you and customers who match the profile continuing to be engaged by the brand upon beginning business with them. We’ll begin with the market and it’s consumers who do not yet subscribe to your brand.


Before your customers can have a need fulfilled…well…they need a ‘need’. The rest from there becomes a trickle from the most broad outreach to new customers into maintenance of your relationships with your digital customers. The first piece of the trickle down puzzle is your SEO approach. Ultimately when people first sit down at their computer, attempting to take their search for the product or service they need to the digital realm, the first thing they’ll typically do is put in a broad search query. There may be times where people know they need something, but they aren’t even necessarily sure what product will satisfy that need. So they will write in a keyword, idea, or a relevant thought in order to target that need. When you get your SEO plan in check, where your visibility is high given a relevant search to that of your brand, you will come back in those searches as an absolutely go to, securing your market!


Sometimes your prospective buyers don’t have the issue with establishing what exactly it is that they need. Sometimes they know already, but sometimes what is required is to fulfill that need under specific circumstances. You find this applying to consumers in search of more sizeable products or the mere ability to shop and buy in store, or mobile users. In certain cases, to be able to purchase from a physical location simply makes for an easier buying experience, but this does not mean that you can not make use of digital services to bring in physical business. Geomarketing ensures that digital users at home or mobile users on the move are able to find your business online as well as in person, gaining you business that you could only attain with the coupling of digital with brick-and-mortar, thus marketing to your ideal client base within your locale.

Appealing to Established Customers

So you have done your research and due diligence and have zeroed in on your ideal customer base. Furthermore, through proper implementation of web service use, you have managed to turn what was once a mere prospective customer into an established buying customer. Now comes the part of the process to market to fine tune your efforts to focus on the needs of your existing customers.

Email Marketing

Sure, you have won over customers. But now you have to keep winning them over by engaging them with new and fresh things to consider. First of all comes simple acknowledgement. While you have fulfilled their needs in the past in terms of products, you need to continue to fulfill their need for service. By reaching out to them, you reinforce over and over again that you are their go-to. In addition, with ever need comes room for a new need to arise. Bearing this in mind, always have ideas as to what the next need of a customer may be. Knowing your customers goes beyond only knowing their age, background, and personal identifiers, it goes into understanding the ever-increasing needs of your market. Grasping this will take your established customers and ensure that they stay with you and possibly grow your customer base, as it is likely that they have people in their lives with similar needs. Hang onto the clients you have and gain more in the process.


Although your customers know what they need, they may not always be assured in their purchase. Reluctance can creep in our of nowhere. When customers are unsure upon checkout, they will leave their shopping cart, abandoned. Your next objective is to ensure that your customers feel that all of the conditions are right for them to buy. Remarketing web services will be your friend in this case. Send out remarketed emails, reminding your customers of their deserted purchases, as well as giving them incentives to complete their purchase, such as discounting, if all else fails. The simple act of reaching out to your customers will speak volumes to them and do bring in more conversions for your business.


In conclusion, now that you have your business plan straight, it is time to put it into action from your digital end. Using different web services, you can begin to focus in on who will benefit most from your business and how to bring those prospective buyers in to become regular, recurring buyers. From here, continue to strengthen your grasp on your corresponding market and become an industry leader. To expand your knowledge of these web services and how to best apply them for your business’s growth, contact Rave Retailer today. We have all the know-how you could possibly need!