Over the past couple weeks now, Rave Retailer has been discussing some of the initial considerations or functions to have optimized for the sake of hooking new customers as they swim on by. We began with the notion of mobile web responsiveness to ensure that people on the move are able to do it all while they are out and about. From there, we continued on to discuss how people, while under mobile conditions, find themselves at the conclusion of which brands they would like to conduct business with, based on the grounds of relative proximity and excellence in the industry.

The beginning steps have been made. Shoppers have seen incentive and motivation to shop with certain brands which they have uncovered. Let’s look at it from the perspective that it is your brand and that shoppers are coming to you. How do you proceed with these new customers to transform them into satisfied, loyal, repeat, praising customers? This week, we’re looking at the chain reaction of how it all comes to be, and how new customer relations come to fruition. Conveniently enough, this can be achieved with the services available by none other than Rave Retailer. Now, let’s begin.

PPC Advertising

We’ll begin with one additional option for reeling in interest. While geomarketing and customer reviews are great tools for those in an area, they might not always be enough on their own. For brands that might not operate from many physical locations and still need to actually drive traffic towards them before presenting their astonishing responsiveness to any capacity. A great supplement to these other services is PPC advertising. Using this feature, you wield certainty that your brand will be seen in relevant search returns. By winning bidding wars on particular keywords that are central to your brand, you are instantly seen by people that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. In conjunction with geomarketing, customer reviews, and general responsiveness across different platforms, PPC is another great and powerful tool to aid in your SEO.


Proceeding the encounter of a brand that seems to fit one’s bill and honing the optimal responsiveness is your website. Although there are features and functions that get you here and add-ons to follow in boosting its appeal, the center of all you do is centered around your website. First order of business is ensuring that if you do not have a website, that you make the efforts to get a website. With such high rates of google searches for the sake of business prospects, it would be shooting oneself in the foot to not have a website upon which a consumer could land. Once you have a website, presenting it in a way that makes people feel welcome will keep them interested and having easy navigation will keep them happy and at ease as they peruse your website.

Shopping Cart

There are two types of websites that people will typically create. The first type is an informational, digital brochure style website, which upholds the sole purpose of presenting any vital details about the business, contacting them, or knowing what their goods and services include. Although this may be useful to some capacity, there is one thing that it is not capable of, and that is selling. The second type of website is an interactive, selling style website. This type of website is one created with the intent to inform and to sell. To have a shopping cart integration on your website gives you the ability to sell in a fashion you would not have been able to otherwise to more people, in more places, all with greater ease and versatility. Having this function is crucial in immediately increasing the selling power of your brand.


Although people can trust what they see from the experiences of others as well as what they see on your website, it never hurts to have something extra to give an additional edge. Integrating blogs into your stream of brand-related content is a great measure to take in achieving multiple goals with regards to relationship building. Blogs do this through giving your a platform upon which you can speak about an industry and all that it entails. With this tool, you are also able to go beyond your static product descriptions or concise copy sections on your websites and really let your thoughts and words fly. While people may have made some purchases through your website and enjoy their experience with such products or services, to have the added bonus of information and personality that they may not get from other brands in the industry. So the point is: blog! It will only bring people closer to your brand.

Email Marketing

Upon gaining a customer base, you will be faced with different types of buyers within your overall buyer population. Knowing how to cater to their needs and keeping them enticed all at once is an absolute must to uphold their loyalty. Email marketing gives you the ability to do all of this. Based on the purchases that customers have made, emails regarding information on those products, similar suggested products, or anything else along those lines can be relayed to customers via email in a quick, easy, presentable, and cost-effective way. Email marketing services set out with a mission to zone in on the needs buyers, speak to the buyers about those needs, and ultimately keep those buyers buying. After all, our customers are always going to have new needs and we are always going to have to ensure that we have what it takes to fulfill those needs.


While there are eager-to-buy, excited customers, there are just as many reluctant customers. Knowing how to put worries to rest in buyers or encourage customers to buy the things necessary to fulfill their needs is often the approach at hand. These customers will show themselves in the form of abandoned shopping carts, purchases that have begun the order completion process but have not finalized their transactions. Remarketing functions will enable you to send real time or advance automated emails to customers that have abandoned their shopping carts. In these emails, openly acknowledging the incompletion of the order alone or incentivizing the sale to some degree can be the difference between a perpetual to-be-transaction or the establishment and continuation of a great business relationship where the customer feels recognized and that their needs are being satisfied.

Social Media

After you have done all you can to address the needs of your buyers, you leave them with the opportunity to spread the good news of YOU! By liking, following, or sharing a brand, consumers are vouching for said brand. To give your customer base the opportunity to do this is extremely important. Social media is taking the internet by storm in all walks, from strictly personal to globalized e-commerce and even managing to fuse the two. Same as with a website, the first step is to be present or else the swarm of social media attention for your brand has no way of existing. As you continue to improve your brand, product and service lines, content of all sorts, and anything else, share this information on social media, as it will do a lot for the attention of your brand.


In conclusion, any customer, at some point, will merely be a new customer, with room to grow and learn about your brand, become an avid patron of it, and ultimately, to one degree or another, become a spokesperson of your brand. Taking the starting blocks of a general search engine query and in time developing such a relationship with your customers, comes from the proper approach and services necessary to allow for such flourishing. Consider what you could use in your digital business strategy to get the most out of all of your relationships and really push your brand to the extent of its potential. To learn more about all of these services, contact Rave Retailer today and make relationship-building a major priority!