The introduction of the internet revolutionized the world, no doubt about that. In today’s world, however,  it’s all about coming up with fresh ideas. Mac brought us the “i” revolution with iphones, ipads, and ihomes. We have “docks,” “windows,” and “tabs.” The “online catalog” isn’t excluded from this revolution.

High-end brands use them. Local small businesses can even have them. But even with all the newfangled web interfaces, you just can’t create an EXPERIENCE like you can on print. Or can you?

Think about it, how many times have you been walking or driving, and a billboard or ad caught your eye and made you stop for a second? My first experience of this was in New York, when an ad that encompassed the side of building literally made me stop in my tracks. In the continual bombardment of advertising that is New York City, this Cartier ad appealed to me emotionally.

That’s the secret. Print ads create an emotional high where the customer then says, “I need to have that Cartier watch in order to keep feeling this way, or to look like that.”

Humans are emotional creatures and businesses capitalize on that. Sales 101.

So how do you create that experience online where most “catalogs” are thumbprint pictures with brief descriptions? CMS-driven websites. After the initial website design, brands can edit and update their site on a whim. When they come up with a new idea, BOOM, it’s done. Luxury brands are gripping emotions from the first click.

Take for instance. You type in the web address and are instantly transported to a mountain range, chock full snow, blue skies, and of course a display of the best climbing gear they sell. Target audiences for The North Face are customers who enjoy outdoor sports.

“One click on their site and you can almost feel the wind hitting your face as you hike up the rocky slopes.”

It’s branding at it’s best.