When people think advertising or marketing their brand to a specific audience, a lot of people’s thoughts go to the same place. Newspaper advertisements, television commercials, and billboards are just a few of the conventional approaches that people consider. In a grower digital age, consider shifting YOUR marketing moves to the digital arena. While the old-school ways are capable of getting the job done, they are not optimal. Let’s talk about what makes digital marketing the way to go.


Why do traditional measures fall short in this department? Well think about the way these forms of advertisement work. They are conveyed and displayed in ways that stretch across the public, maybe if it even means go beyond the reaches of where your target audience could be found. For a lot of small businesses, location is a crucial factor at play for those involved in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar alike. In utilizing these approaches, you may be covering more ground than you would like and missing people within the locale to which you would like to appeal, kind of a lose-lose situation.

To also discuss the proximity relative to where the general focus has gravitated is also a good thought to bear in mind. Attention has moved towards communicative technology, such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc. So, to direct your marketing efforts towards online marketing will without a doubt be able to reach THAT locale.

Aside from the simple fact that marketing from a platform like Facebook can cover any place at all, you can also fine tune it to fit your specific needs. With such digital marketing tools, you are able to pinpoint a specific area that you want to market to, plus you can show it in a way that sticks instead of a way that is easy to overlook, like a billboard on the side of the road.


Demographic and Interests

You, as a business owner, know the specific people and their specific needs that you need to market to. Throw-back ways of doing it, again, can cover a lot of space in terms of who sees them, but there is no guarantee that everyone who sees it is the type of person with the type of needs that you service.

Once again, this simply doesn’t prove the best results financially. Money that could be redirected into different realms of your e-commerce efforts has a high chance of going to waste on people that your product or service does not even cater to. You care about the needs of your market, and you wouldn’t even think of spending a dime on something that would detract your efforts from that, right?

Facebook enables you to zone in on this audience in a similar fashion to geographical location. Based on the liked pages, articles, and public posts that people make, you can devise specific audiences, covering specific pockets of your market and send out advertisements to those audiences. Lock down, not only the location of your audience, but also their needs and continue to appeal to the right audience for you!


It’s been mentioned a couple times in this blog. The last thing that you want to do is spend money from your advertising budget that is not going to benefit your customer acquisition efforts. As you can tell, across the board digital marketing can enhance your return on your ads, instead of throwing your money away.

Furthermore, promoting in the traditional ways can be just cumbersome tasks, preventing you from from tackling all of the things running a business requires. Digital platforms, such as the aforementioned Facebook, as well as Twitter, Instagram, and many others are great ways to quickly, easily, and creatively market your business and are much better than having your advertising budget get thrown away when someone is done with the daily paper.


In conclusion, traditional ways of advertising your business can certainly get the job done. However, in this digital age, the only sensible option is to take the most optimized option, that being digital marketing. Being able to hone in on the locale or locales of your target audience, their lifestyles and interests, and do it all in a costly way is a no-brainer. So get started with digital marketing and advertising today, contact Rave Retailer to learn more!