Word choice is essential. To communicate effectively, in any world, you must know what you want to say and how to say it.

One word can change the entire meaning of what you want people to know.  If you want people to know you really like something, try using words that portray passion. The English language offers so many choices allowing you to perfectly pin-point the exact meaning you’re intending.

Be concise and definite.

If you “don’t know,” you instantly kill any positive vibes buzzing in the room. By being definite, you set a mood of determination. To support something and be a leader, being sure is key; being undecided lacks confidence.

Instead of seeing “problems” see “challenges.” It changes the meaning and excites people to meet the presented challenge. When addressing complications, people will feel defeated if you call it a problem. Referring to the ‘problem’ as a challenge excites people to overcome the challenge.

It’s impressive when a person knows exactly what they are talking about. Being deliberate about word choice leaves little margin for misinterpretation. People will never question where your head is when you talk or write because it is obvious that you have put thought into every word.

To be able to convey something important will get you far in life. In business, in school, and in everyday conversation communicating properly is important. Knowing what you want to say, and how to say it can save your life, literally!