Think Local and Be Responsive to Succeed

Feb 21, 2013Websites, White Label

You need a new refrigerator. What do you do first? Google.

You’d like a new purse or book bag and aren’t interested in driving all over the place to shop. Google.

You’re in the market for new fitness props or apparel. Google again.

The point is that no matter what you are looking for, you’re likely going to start with an internet search to see what’s available. From there, depending on the item, you’re going to determine if you’d like to shop online and have it delivered, or if you are going to go out and look for it based on your findings. Your standard static, non-responsive, busy, boring, corporate website from the early 2000s is in need of an overhaul. Consumers won’t spend time filtering through a busy site with thousands of products when they just want to buy curtains now. As a business, there are a few things you must do to succeed in today’s internet marketplace.

Optimize your site for local search.

Google recently announced that 2.8 billion searches a month are for local search. Starting in 2013, local websites for big national brands will create more sales than ever before. Think about it. Brick and mortar is not gone. People use internet to browse, educate themselves, get ideas and search for the best prices. There are some items people regularly buy online, and others they want to see, feel and touch. People use local search and generally like to buy locally whenever available. Seal the deal with local presence and local information from a local search.

Make it responsive and integrate regularly with social media.

Gartner predicts that by 2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide and that by 2015 over 80 percent of the handsets sold in mature markets will be smartphones.” This means it is imperative that your website be built using responsive website design (RWD).

As of December 2012, 67% of online adults use social networking sites, according to Pew Internet. Use social media wisely and often. Do set up a Facebook page and offer promotions that link directly to your local website to close more deals. Using social media keeps you visible and allows you to have a voice you might not otherwise have with your website alone. Beyond that, incorporate a blog on your local website to sell, promote and educate. Blogs are easily sharable on all of your social media sites and direct more traffic to your website in general.

Work smarter. Combine your efforts into one centralized location.

There are no limits to the integration of media when using Rave Retailer’s SaaS Platform.  We have mastered the art of integrating your local website with all online and traditional marketing capabilities.  Your online dashboard links and integrates everything together, including Facebook, Text Marketing, Email Marketing, a Blog, Shopping Cart, SEO, Product Catalog, Analytics and more. Sell more offline. Sell more online. Sell more now.  Save time and money doing it with Rave Retailer’s proprietary online marketing platform.

A local responsive website for a national brand with social media, blogs and text marketing will cost you about $100 per month.  Big national brands are spending millions to get this done.  Rave Retailer has removed the burden of cost because we figured it out and built a platform to suit.  Our responsive local websites are built exactly the way Google wants them built.  Our local websites are built specifically for the consumer to buy from you.  That’s the name of the game.  They are shopping to buy, so sellers should be prepared to sell in every environment.

An IMPORTANT note about White Label Services

Beyond all of this, larger organizations that service other businesses should consider Rave Retailer’s SaaS for their customers. We specialize in White Label Services to help more retailers across a wide variety of industries. Are you a marketing agency looking for a way to help your customer’s online presence? Look no further than Rave Retailer. We provide the platform, tools and training and make your life a little easier, while providing your customer with a top notch service that allows them to grow and be profitable. How cool is that?

Contact Rave Retailer today to get in the game and sell more stuff. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and LinkedIn. We’d love to help you make 2013 your most successful year yet!