While Facebook may be a leading force in the social media world currently, the many other forms platforms can not go overlooked as viable options of putting yourself out there for the world to see. As in-depth posting fall under the realm of Facebook, imagery and video are satisfied by Instagram, and other platforms take on their designated tasks, Twitter has its own specific utility among it all and is an incredible useful tool for impromptu or planned promotion of ideas or products.

In what ways, shapes, and forms can Twitter benefit your business? So Twitter can be useful to you in a couple different ways. The things that you share towards other people or your audience will work to benefit your brand and the information that you seek out amongst the rest of Twitter will be equally advantageous to your Twitter voyage. So for that reason we are going to look at Twitter influence from outside your profile (input) and the information you are sending out into the platform (output). Let’s dive into that now!


Pinned Tweets

Tweets are great on their own as a way of generating engagement. They are quick and concise, yet can be super packed with information that could prove useful to your audience. The thing with tweets however, is that there is really no extent to the number of them that you can post in any given day, it all just contributes to your overall feed of thoughts or information. However, amidst all of that info, there may be certain things that prove more important than others. When that is the case, you want to ensure that you can make those Tweets the first things that people see when they check out your Twitter profile. Using the pinned Tweet feature, you can do this exactly. In the end, your important, promotional tweets can be the first site and all supplemental tweets can find their place in line after that.


When people of a specific industry or field are perusing Twitter and wanting to find something that lines up with their interests, what is the first action that they will take? They will start by looking up relevant hashtags. What that means is that it is YOUR job to give people the proper gateways necessary to find you. Test out different hashtags that could apply to your brand. Try hashtags that are already established, so as to piggyback some attention off of other relevant and popular accounts. Create your own hashtags to start generating some intrigue all on your own. All the while, be sure to not douse your audience in hashtags or else it will be perceived as spammy. So get creative, but limit your usage, and you will go far!

Supplemental Platforms

If you have managed to find great success on other social media or general digital platforms, use that to your advantage! Post on other sites directing people to your Twitter account page. Furthermore, give people icons through which they can click to access your Twitter. Whatever it takes to generate interest in you and reel folks in.



It is not enough to simply post stuff out to Twitter. You need to also be receptive to what is going on in the Twitter world all around you. As a Twitter user, finding some prime accounts to follow will be great for giving some second hand guidance and direction into what you should also be doing on the platform. Why learn just by your own trial and error when you could also learn by the results of other people’s trials and errors? There is a lot to be gained from other accounts, so go out and see what others are talking about!

On that note, be respectful of your own time and attention. What we mean here is to not follow accounts that will not prove beneficial to your progress. As you skim through your Twitter feed, you don’t want to see a lot of useless, unimportant stuff. Trust us, you would much rather see some hearty, useful, and relevant material. So do yourself that service!


In conclusion, Twitter is a very useful social media tool for furthering the reach and intrigue of your brand. If you have Twitter, now you have some cool new ways to use it. If you do not yet have use this platform, there is no better time to start than right now! To learn more about the advantages of Twitter within your digital business strategy, contact the pros at Rave Retailer today!