Let’s talk financials, shall we? Over the past couple of weeks, Rave Retailer has discussed how you can look to digital web services as a means of fulfilling the descriptive end and marketing end of your business plan. To any new small business owners or to any established business owners that have not yet jumped into the financial portion of their business plan, there are also digital practices that will aid in its execution. Granted this part of your business plan goes very deep, but using web services such as the following will take alleviate some of the pressure that comes will tackling the financial end of your plan. So let’s dig in!

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising will be a primary way in which you bring attention to your brand online. In any event, money has to be fed into the department of new customer outreach, and this is one of the best ways to ensure that you are gearing your money towards building your business. Setting a budget on your PPC advertising is a great way to devise a base idea of your input into that aspect of your business and tracking its results will be more efficient as you know the initial figures involved.

Utilizing your budget towards a method like PPC advertising bears the question of supplementation or sole use of physical advertisement in its place. The thing about PPC advertising is that it will save you resources in your efforts. Physical advertising will ultimately cost you a great deal in time, labor, and materials creating advertising content for billboards, fliers, and more. With PPC advertising you pay less more your ads and do it on the platform where most people conduct their buying research anyways, online!

In the end, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you are spending on your advertising methods, so long as you are raking in a solid return on investment. When using physical advertising, it is a certainty that you are spending money on the advertisement, while it is not a certainty that you will have anyone respond to or express intrigue in your business based on the content provided. In the case of PPC advertising, it is a certainty that the people who comprise your market will be able to find you, and very likely that they will do business with you, since they are looking for topics relevant to your business after all. Additionally, you will not certainly pay for your advertising, as it is only when an online shopper engages in your ads by clicking that you will be charged, and not until that happens.

Shopping Cart

Getting to the shopping cart step can happen of of two ways. A customer can find out about your via the ads provided or just by their own volition, such as having prior knowledge of the brand. Either way, it all leads to the part where they buy. How will they be buying through your business? Before going the brick-and-mortar route, consider all that you can do online. Brick-and-mortar selling is still the more popular route amongst sellers, but this is not to say that vast amounts of people do not shop online, because online shopping is extremely popular and growing steadily in its use.

Furthermore, online selling is great for the seller. Operating from online, you eliminate many of the additional costs that would come with the brick-and-mortar approach. Selling from a physical location, you have the added costs of leasing a space, paying utilities, and more. Similar to the case of advertising, with an online shopping cart, you will generally only be charged when a transaction is made, saving you money in the financial operations of your business. To take the digital approach will mean a more streamlined approach to selling your products, so that you can direct your financial resources and time and energy to selling and progressing your product lines.

This will translate beyond what you are actually paying for, and will have a greater effect on your customers. Since your business practice will become less expensive, you can manage to sell at lower costs due to middle men and hoops to jump through being diminished. Although price is not typically the primary reason for a buyer to buy or to walk away, if a shopper sees a great product from one source at one price and the same great product from another source with a lower price, a customer will not walk away from a good deal, as it is just not in the nature of consumers to do so. More sales will come your way as a product of this, and while concurrently lowering your surrounding costs, your margins will be crazy good!


There are many other features that you could consider into your plan, it does not merely stop at your advertising means and your online shopping cart. Because there are so many additional tools that can be used for your business and accounted for within your financial plan, you will need a means to oversee and manage all of the avenues in which you have invested your financial resources. This is where you will find the most flexibility in your different assets.

Having the ability to check analytics on your pages and your campaigns will give you insights into the performance of everything concerning your online business. If you see that certain aspects of your plan are working more effectively than others of if you see that certain ones don’t necessarily need as much of the financial ‘pieces of the pie’, so to speak, then you adjust accordingly and refine your plan in a way that gives you the most bang for your bucks.


In conclusion, your finances are important to the success of your business. Being able to use them in the most effective ways possible will ensure that you are not putting your hard earned resources to waste and ultimately doing the most good for your business possible. Through the aforementioned web services and more, you ensure that your business is spending only what it must and returning more and more on its investments as your brand continues to grow. Learn more about these web services and much more. Contact Rave Retailer today, we’ll do wonders for your brand, together!