Let’s see how you manage! Throughout October, Rave Retailer has been taking a closer look at the initially planning behind your business. Each week, we have discussed the different sections of your business plan (description, marketing, and finances thus far) and how different web services could be utilized to most efficiently execute on the objectives of these sections.

This week, we are looking at the management side of things. There is a lot that goes into this section with regards to the roles of many people surrounding your business, branching out as far as legal counsel, but we will not tackle all of those additional departments. Instead we’ll look at the things you handle on a daily basis, doing business, delegating, and finding the best methodologies to get address all tasks at hand using web based services. Let’s dive in, now!

Website: Brand and Information Management

Your website is the face of your business to online shoppers. For that reason it is important that a business owner both operates their endeavor from a website as well as takes the time and attention necessary to ensure that said website is always up to snuff. After all, you wouldn’t leave a brick-and-mortar store of yours an unattended, out-of-date mess, now would you? Now, why on Earth would you do that for your website?

So what do you want to do with your website, and more importantly, what are the tasks associated with keeping that website doing its job of holding your customers’ attention all the way to the buying stage? First of all, you want to ensure you manage and provide maintenance to user experience. How is your page constructed to drive people’s interest? The way you present the information on your website so as to provide interactive site visits and sustained intrigue, will make a big difference. So this drives interest, but your customers will be in need a roadmap for that.

User experience is optimized with the maintenance and management of how one would navigate your site. As business shifts towards the more digital approach, it is encountered more and more where people display a sort of defiance for technology, namely shopping online. One this that will greatly improve the situation is being in constant pursuit of the perfect website navigation setup. Make the process easy for your shoppers and encourage them to peruse the different parts of your site by making the motion from one area to another more seamless. This includes also ensuring that every clickable link takes shoppers to exactly where it promises, without fail or broken link.

Part of the reason that you would want to make navigation easy is due to the fact that management and maintenance of content or pages on your site may require updating, and the change of material may cause for confusion in online customers upon return after changes. With changes in content, and the corresponding ability to not let updating hinder the experience of shoppers, you are able to provide fresh information, visuals, and more. This will keep things interesting on your page as well as to let it be known that you care about giving your shoppers new, relevant things to consider. New products, insights, and more are found within an industry on a regular basis, so adjusting your website content to reflect changes is key!

Products: Inventory Management

A business can not get by on only its website alone. Obviously any online selling entity needs something to sell and needs a way to showcase those products. With a platform like that of Rave Retailer, along with drop-shipper collaboration, you are able to really fine tune your product catalog and track your inventory on those specific products. It is your web store, pack it with exactly what you want, nothing more nothing less. Through the degree of inventory creation that this type of approach allows, building your catalog is quick and easy to manage without the need for storing items, as your drop-shipper handles that end of the process. Instead of worrying how you will manage the order and storage of all of your products, find solace in drop-shipping that is available online and make your process more manageable, upholding your inventory end of operations.

Dashboard Delegation: Marketing Management

Using a well-oiled and functional dashboard through which all marketing efforts can be managed is going to make your success that much more possible. What you will find with this tool is the capability to tackle all of the individual tasks needed in order to run your online business. Within this category of tasks to manage are email marketing, social media marketing, blog writing, and more. To a business manager that is operating from the notion that they will handle all processes themselves, this is entirely manageable from the simplicity that comes with such a system. You could literally be a one man or woman operation.

To businesses with more to juggle regarding each of these categories, simplicity may still be noticeable, yet the ease of taking it all on on one’s own can prove tricky. Due to the fact that all of these services are presented and divvied up as they are, it proves easier for specializing the work to individuals within your team or staff. Delegation is easy, as you can pick and choose who is dealt which task, most effectively covering the workload on the online end of things. The same task delegation could be applied for any of the features mentioned in this blog, as they are all distinct in what they require but are all integral to the success of a business online. Make it all happen, and do it easily, efficiently, and effectively


In summation of our talk on business plans and their execution, managing your business online can be a simple process, or it could not. It is up to you how you approach your business strategy online to best execute the tasks at hand. With web services, namely those provided by Rave Retailer, you can make managing your online business a no-brainer, and take solace in the fact that your business will be well maintained and operating as it should! Contact Rave Retailer today to learn more about these features and more to best manage your online business.