Business as of late has not quite been ‘business as usual’. More of the people with whom we conduct business are not in our proximal locale. Globalization has taken the business world by storm and has stretched the bounds to which our brands’ presence reaches. New measures are needed to be taken in order to keep people in the know as to what your business is up to.

This is where digital marketing comes into play. Whether it be through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or whatever other mode of digital marketing, these digital mediums are becoming increasingly useful to the e-commerce world. Knowing how to implement these social media tools will do a lot in bringing in new attention to and maintaining current focus on your brand. Today, we’ll talk about how to use digital marketing to funnel people into using your business’s products or services.

Marketing Funnel Blueprint (AIDA)

What brings awareness to your brand? What gets attention on what your business does in general and what it does to set it apart from other business? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself right away in order to bring awareness to your brand, the starting block, if you will.

Think about it like this. You can not become the “Joneses” of a neighborhood without first being a part of the neighborhood. You need to have invest in property within that neighborhood and build a home and a lifestyle that stands out within that neighborhood. The same goes for your business within the online selling arena. A website and the means to sell online come first, the bare minimum effort you can allow yourself to put forth. Merely existing and conducting business can and will bring awareness to your brand, but the more you do in the interest of your brand, the more awareness you will receive. So deck out that home to the fullest!

Now that you have managed to put yourself out there are an attractive contender within the e-commerce world, you have to work to maintain interest of those around you. It is not enough to make a big splash and give a one-off impression. You have to maintain the position of attractiveness to your market.

Social media marketing will help you in this regard. With so many people using and regularly checking their social media accounts, to be business that an individual wants to follow is great for creating new potential customers. By regularly posting engaging material on Facebook, or providing in-depth industry insights, or using social media in other great ways, you keep your market coming back to see what cool, new information you have to offer.

Take some time building interest in those that are following your online presence. Give them a lot of really cool information to get an idea of what your brand is about, the products and services you offer, and then present them with an exclusive offer. Based on all of the digital marketing material that you have presented through modes like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more, people have seen where they stand in regards to your business. They trust your know-how. Now show them something useful to them!

You know your market, and you know the needs of the market. And you have appealed to that market. In the case of digital marketing and social media usage, you will be taken the soft sell approach, where you have lots of accessible and free content, but offer premium content at an additional cost. This about what to sell in this part of the process, relative to the information your followers have eaten up all this time, and watch them come try your products or services!

Ultimately, while creating free content can be fun and enlightening, your business needs to have sales. In this section, the fate of how things unfold next is in the hands of the to-be buyer (or what is currently your follower). Encourage them to buy this item that you know they need and do so from you, a brand that they know they can trust from based off of all of the digital marketing material that has been of use to them.

Satisfaction or Retention (BONUS)
Continue to provide the free services that you have and that followers enjoy. This will keep your current customers happy and your followers engaged, should they ever need the additional push to do business through you. It is not enough to just build the marketing funnel and jump ship, you have to maintain good customer or follower engagement and adherence to your brand.

In conclusion, digital marketing is a powerful tool that is now breaking the surface as a necessary piece of the digital selling strategy. Social media tools that were once just used for fun and entertainment are now keeping businesses connected with their buyers as a tool for improved e-commerce practice. To learn more about digital marketing or the tools used to best achieve it, contact Rave Retailer today!