Benefits of Podcasting

Jun 8, 2018Blog Posts

With each passing year, more and more new ways avenues to have a presence online come to the foreground. MySpace was a hit a while back, followed by Facebook. Then platforms like Instagram popped up, and recently, the ability to use them in live streaming contexts has become become a possibility. In addition to many other new social technologies, podcast have been of increasing interest to many as of late! Let’s talk about some of the great uses for podcasting to help boost your brand!


Provides a Sense of Expertise

Similar to the notion of blogging, podcasts can be a great way to convey a sense of knowledge in the field. If you speak out often on a topic, often providing new, fresh information to people within your industry, you will be seen as a good source of insight to pull from. Ultimately, to speak out on a regular basis on topics that surround your business will also, just simply broaden your visibility within your industry…Even though podcasts are an audible thing, you get what we’re driving at here. Needless to say, the combination of heightened credibility and a higher corresponding potential for reach make it apparent how you can benefit from podcasting.


A New Twist on the Blogging Concept

For some time now, blogging has acted as a great way for people to put themselves out there and talk about all sorts of topics surrounding their field. It absolutely serves its purpose and does the trick in sending new information out there in to the world for the right target audience, but for some, an alternative method may be welcomed if the time, energy, and investment are all there. Podcasting gives business owners just that.

The appeal of this new take on blogging comes two-fold. For one, it presents a new production experience for the podcaster. Instead of the traditional approach of sitting down and writing out thoughts and backing thoughts thoughts up wit other written sources, you now, instead are speaking, conversing, conducting in monologues or dialogues where new questions can be posed at the drop of a hat and ultimately lend to a much more stacked piece for a target audience member to consume.

For the second fold, as an audience member, to listen to such a format can be pleasing to many. While the conventional written format of blogging is universal and will work across all industries or areas of interest, some might find the listening aspect of podcasts to be refreshing from time to time or as a consistent experience. For podcaster and listener alike, this presents a fun new way to process information.


Platform to Collaborate

Collaboration can be an often overlooked tool in the progression of an entire industry. While it not always be conducive for businesses to work together on production or the like, there are other ways that and industry could benefit from multiple experts in the field talking shop. Podcasting gives business owners the platform to do that, where they could discuss the important, established ideas, but also come across some new thoughts along the way. New ideas are produced, new markets are created, and the needs of those new markets are created all the time because of people putting their heads together. Podcasting acts as a catalyst for this kind of progress, and this could do the same for YOUR business endeavors!



In conclusion, podcasting has become ever more popular among businesses and their corresponding target audiences. While the aforementioned are just a few of the benefits of implementing a podcast, there are countless other great reasons to adopt this into your digital marketing plan. To learn more about the best digital marketing measures to propel your brand, contact Rave Retailer today!