You can never have enough Facebook likes, companies small and large alike are constantly trying to find ways to get more likes–increasing the amount of people that see your sites posts in the future. So what are the secrets to getting more likes? Let’s take a look at some simple ways to quickly increase the number of likes your posts get.

Focus on WHAT you post.

Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click throughs. But don’t just post a boring stock photo, make it visually interesting and applicable to tap into what your company is all about. Tell a story by adding a picture AND text. Post pictures of employees, cool products, a great design aspect of your business, or something inspiring. Keep it relevant and keep it simple.

Don’t make it too long!

Posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement. We’ve all scrolled through our newsfeed and skipped right over that book someone decided to write. You know, that post that is forever long and is apparent that the person just has TOO MUCH TIME on their hands? Don’t we all wish we had that much time? So to make sure more people have time to read it, keep it short and sweet!

Questions anyone?

Questions get 100% more comments. Engage people. Make your posts interesting, and though provoking making it more likely for someone to comment an answer. The whole point of your business is to solve a problem someone has. Make the questions relevant to the problem your company solves. If your company is a furniture company, they solve the problem of people not having or having furniture they aren’t satisfied with. So you might pose the question, “How many of you are having back pain right now?” Then follow it up with comments or messages about how a new mattress will help with that.

Post a lot to get a lot.

Post frequency can increase your Facebook affinity–you know that algorithm that tells posts when to appear in news feeds.  Post 2-3 times a day and do it consistently every day. Keep at it. You will see your likes spike almost instantly if you are consistent. Test when is the best times to post for you company and read our blog post The Fight for Social Information to learn more about WHEN to post.

Try it!

Go to your facebook page right now and try these tips. We guarantee you’ll see more likes in the coming weeks!