What is the difference between Rave Retailer and other ecommerce platforms like Shopify?

We understand that building and maintaining a website can be a time-consuming process that takes your focus away from running your business. That’s why we provide comprehensive assistance every step of the way, from the initial website setup to ongoing updates and maintenance. With our support, you can stay focused on growing your business while we handle the technical details.

Is Rave Retailer suitable for small businesses, or is it designed for larger enterprises?

Our packages are designed to meet your current business needs. You can grow your business with us as our package starts with the Starter plan for startups through the Enterprise plan for larger companies.

Can I customize the design of my online store with Rave Retailer?

Absolutely! Our Enterprise plan is designed so we can bring to life your creative visions or to cater to your business’s every need. We will design your site to align with the countless options of content blocks that our page builder allows. Note: Any functionality requests that customers have for designs our system is not able to do can be custom quoted.

How does Rave Retailer Handle payments and shipping?

Rave Retailer handles payments through its custom-designed shopping cart, which integrates with various payment methods, including PayPal, PayPal Bill Me Later, Authorize.net, Crest Financial, FlexShopper, and Amazon Pay. The shopping cart is secure with SSL 256 Bit Encryption and is PCI DSS compliant to ensure online transactions are safe and secure. In addition, Rave Retailer offers integrated shipping methods with FedEx and UPS, as well as customizable coupons to entice customers to make purchases online.

Does Rave Retailer integrate with other software apps?

Yes, Rave Retailer integrates with various software and apps to provide a comprehensive online selling solution. The platform can integrate with your website, product catalog, ecommerce, Amazon store, fulfillment, landing page builder, email marketing, local GeoMarketing, remarketing, blog, social media, and analytics all in one dashboard. Rave Retailer’s integration capabilities continue to expand, with new integrations being added regularly to provide even more options for seamless connectivity with other software and apps.

How does Rave Retailer handle inventory management?

Rave Retailer offers two ways to handle inventory management. First, the convenient product uploader allows you to import your product data in one-click to build an entire catalog of products. Second, Rave Retailer provides an API and the necessary documentation to set up with their API to get your product catalog on your Website. The API is an outstanding method to keep your data up-to-date in real time. Contact Rave Retailer for more information about their product data management.

What kind of customer support does Rave Retailer offer?

Rave Retailer offers personalized customer support through a dedicated Online Specialist who will assist you with technical, design, and marketing setup. You can reach them directly via phone or email. Additionally, Rave Retailer provides custom website design, secure technology infrastructure, and reliable hosting services to ensure a seamless customer experience.

How do you define a product SKU?

In Rave Retailer, each variation of a product is considered a new SKU. For example, if you have a T-shirt product available in red, black, and blue colors, and also available in small, medium, and large sizes, then you would have a total of 9 SKUs for that product (3 colors x 3 sizes = 9 SKUs).