by Andrew Lundell

According to a study done by the Miniwatts Marketing Group, more than 78 percent of Americans use the internet on a daily basis. This includes both desktop and mobile devices. As a business owner, you should promote your business online, which can be a cost-saver in comparison to commercials and billboards. However, most businesses forget that in order to have a strong Web presence, they need a great Website.

Below are several things to consider when looking for an effective Website for your business:

  • Keep the design simple. If the site has too many options, users will get confused and lose interest.
  • Present all of your products clearly. Answer as many consumer questions as possible on the product page.
  • Make sure the About Us page is relatable. If you present yourself and your business in a way others cannot understand or relate to, potential customers will be turned away.
  • Have multiple ways to contact you. Link your Website to your business’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, have a local and toll free number if possible, and provide an email address

A key to remember is to create a Website for what your business needs. A bakery might not need an interactive model of their cakes, while a machinist shop might need something more than a picture and a paragraph for their product. By keeping your Website simple yet elegant, you will see sales increase along with customer satisfaction.

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