Rave Retailer has had a long standing goal in mind for all of its followers in all walks of life. Our primary hope for you all is that you are given the insight and tools necessary to compete within your industry and, in an effort to best equip you, strengthen your digital business strategy all together to do so. This plan includes services ranging everywhere from merely managing a website all the way to writing market-catered blogs, sending out promotional emails, and incorporating geomarketing technologies. With all of these features to consider, vision of how it all works synergistically with each other to best serve a brand could become rather blurry. The use and benefit of these functions may seem isolated from one another, but often times the tandem use of multiple services together will prove for best results. Let’s delve into this practice, shall we?

PPC and Email Marketing

There is a natural progression that takes place within the customer relationship. There will be a time when a to-be customer is still merely an online shopper, kind of like the age-old saying, ‘a friend is only a stranger with whom you have yet to be acquainted’, but with a twist. So how do we take this particular notion and apply it to online business where we can convert strangers to repeat customers? It all stems from knowing what functions to accomplish what tasks, in what order, all to attain new clientele. PPC advertising and email marketing, that is how!

The goal is to appeal to your market in a broad sweeps and filter through to find those high-potential customers for the long-term. And if you are looking to hang onto said customers for the unforeseeable future, then cost-efficiency must be equally within your line of thought, so as to keep those customers along with your business. Think higher cost of acquisition followed by inexpensive recurring modes of contact for sake of promotion. Start by considering your market and what keywords apply to your brand. Next, bid on relevant advertising and get your pay-per-click advertising campaign running. After running this campaign, you will attain new buyers and, upon their purchases, you will get their email contact information as well as a more refined understanding of their needs. With both of these, you can now send out inexpensive, yet effective, promotional emails to keep those buyers buying!

Shopping Cart and Remarketing

Think about the way that a brick-and-mortar store operates. How they push their products to entice buyers, how they promote upcoming specials, how they ring up the order when all is said and done, and the list goes on and on. While the theory behind things done in brick-and-mortar stores and online web stores may seem very much in line with one another, the ability to achieve the desired results for any specific effort may be different depending on which platform is being used, digital or physical. One prime example of this is the notion of purchase reconsideration, or shopping cart abandonment as it is deemed in the digital realm. In the physical, brick-and-mortar world, once a customer steps away from a purchase, reeling them back in can be a tedious undertaking. But what about from the digital end of things?

When people shop online with you, it is assumed that they will be fulfilling their purchase through a digital shopping cart. To buy through this shopping cart, your shopper will need to set up their credentials to ensure that they can actually complete their transaction. And, next to the method of payment, what is one of the most pertinent aspects of those credentials? The customer email address! This is the difference between abandoned shopping carts and completed purchases. By having your shopping cart configured where an email is necessary to the purchase, what with needing to associate it with your buying account and send any confirmation information, you are also preventing future losses, by equipping yourself with the means to remarket. Through your shopping cart in conjunction with the capabilities to remarket, you can ensure that a potential sale never slips through the cracks and encouragement to buy more will increase.

Blogging, Social Media, and the Website

A website is a great tool for which people can see all of your information and really engage themselves in all you have to offer. This is where your brand background is stated, where your product catalogs are boasted, and where anything else you may need to broadcast to your followers is on display. However, in this current day and age, to cover your bare necessities on your site may not be enough in terms of intriguing customers and driving them towards your website. For that reason, alternative means needs to be considered to supplement your website and to help boost its effectiveness.

In this regard, social media and blogging are your friends. These two services are dual purpose in improving the results of your website. By means of social media, you can consistently post information, new and fresh information, make them shareable to people that have not been exposed to your brand yet, and create them in a fashion that enables people to access your website through said posts. With blogging, you are targeting the groups of people that are doing broad searches online relative to a field or industry. Furthermore, both blogging and social media can be plastered on your website links as well, in the event that people arrived at your site by other means, but ensuring they still see all facets of your digital content. So, these services essentially get your customers to you and host them during their visit.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the benefit of any online services do not work mutually exclusive of one another. To utilize these services together is to truly harness their capabilities in taking your business to the next level. Equipping yourself with all the tools to compete in the e-commerce world is a necessity and will only improve your business performance on the whole. To learn more about these services and more and how to best implement them in your digital business strategy, contact Rave Retailer today!