Rave Retailer allows you to control your entire online strategy from one simple dashboard. Websites, Facebook Apps, Email Marketing, GeoMarketing and integrated shopping cart.


Today’s most advanced tools to help you sell more today!

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Forget inflexible templates and add the colors, layouts and options tailored to your products, your brand, your message. Customize your website header, rearrange your footer, and add mega-dropdown menus to our flexible, functional, beautiful pages.



Your website will fit perfectly on every laptop, PC, big screen, smart phone or tablet. This means every page, category, product and even our shopping cart are all fully responsive to give the end user the best possible browsing and shopping experience on whatever device they use.


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Forget inflexible templates and add the colors, layouts and options tailored to your products, your brand, your message. Customize your website header, rearrange your footer, and add mega-dropdown menus to our flexible, functional, beautiful pages.


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We know code so you don’t have to. Your website is automatically updated with new features and platform revisions.


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PCI Compliance is required by all credit card processors; however, few web design companies actually go through the grueling process to become PCI Compliant. We’ve done it and you don’t have to worry about it.


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Why do the search engine giants such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rank some sites higher than others? You don’t have to understand HTML5/CSS3 and Rich Snippets to know that your site is designed to get the attention it deserves. Your reviews, brands, locations and more are automatically optimized for you!



Don’t be held hostage by a programmer: you can drag and drop pages and sub-pages on your menu bar however you want. Changes are implemented immediately on your site.


Show your customer the depth of your product categories when they hover over a menu. Mega drop down menus show all the options without having having to navigate away from the page.

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Do you have multiple stores and locations? No problem! Our exceptional contact page integrates directly with Google to not only display each and every one of your locations (along with address, phone number, hours, telephone number, etc… ), but it also allows customers to search by zip code to see the exact distance they are from your location(s) and what store(s) are within a specified radius.


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E-commerce is now easy. Whatever product you sell, our online catalog displays vivid photos, detailed descriptions, related items and much more. Products are added in three ways:

Product Builder: a simple editing tool that allows you to add your unique products to your website

Product Uploader: instantly upload a spreadsheet of product data into your catalog

API: we can work with manufacturers to automatically upload and update product catalogs in real time


Our online shopping cart quickly and easily navigates your customer through the buying process. Payment information is securely encrypted to protect you and your customer, and the intuitive checkout process increases sales. Plus –

Payment Methods: Process payments online the same way you process them in your store. Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, BillMeLater (PayPal’s instant financing option), or offer special financing.

Coupon Codes: Create custom coupons for free shipping, flat rate discounts, or dollar/percentage off.

Shipping: We support numerous shipping methods including UPS and FedEx, or you can create your own shipping methods tailored to your unique delivery policies.

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Your customers can view the products in their cart and checkout from any page of your Website with our new shopping cart pop-up widget.


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As customers search your site, our exclusive Smart Search Technology instantly and automatically suggests relevant products, categories and pages as they type.


Web visitors can take a Quick View into a product (and add it straight to their cart) or perform refined category searches to find exactly what they’re looking for based on detailed product specs.

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Show off the most frequently viewed products on your Home page. Updated daily, the 15 most-viewed items are what most of your customers are already looking for.

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Remind your customer of the last 15 items they’ve viewed so they can revisit and reselect. This personal shopping tool is displayed on your customer’s home page.

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For Websites with a shopping cart, this feature shows the 15 best selling items on your Website (this feature can be hidden if you don’t want to use it).

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For websites with a shopping cart, the Wish List allows customers to save items and come back to them later. They can email their Wish List to a friend, show it to a salesperson, or print it and bring it to the store. Bonus: customers have to provide their email address in order to save their wish list, adding them to your mailing list for future follow up.

Pages That Make A Profit

Some internet companies claim they can generate a ton of web traffic. That’s great. We can do that, too. And-our websites also inform, educate and equip visitors with the tools they need to make a purchase while increasing traffic and sales both online and in-store.

You’ll find the pages you expect built into each design: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Current Offer and Products. Additional pages are quickly and easily added or removed. Your Online Specialist will teach you how to write exceptional page content that includes important marketing key words, internal page hyperlinks and clean formatting.

Responsive Web Design

Give web visitors a simple and user-friendly mobile website right on their smart phone. Rave Retailer Mobile Websites use reactive technology to adapt to any screen size on any device. Visitors using a huge flat-screen television, a small handheld smartphone or a handy tablet will be able to easily navigate the site, locate information, share favorite items and communicate.

Email Marketing

Engage customers and keep them coming back with targeted, timely email messages. A designated page on each website collects personal contact information in exchange for a coupon or special offer. The built-in email marketing dashboard sends professional, personal branded emails to subscribers in three simple steps.

Online Product Catalog

Showcase products and services in our online Product Catalog. Items can be built from scratch or often imported directly from manufacturers. Each item features vivid photos, detailed product descriptions, industry-specific details, related items and much more.

A Shopping Cart

Put the Product Catalog to work by hooking it up to a cash register. Shazam – an instant online store gives visitors 24/7/365 ability to make a purchase before one red cent is invested in rent, inventory, payroll or utilities. Cha-ching!


Blogs are more than an online conversation. They also add valuable keywords and fresh content while building loyalty, trust, traffic and ultimately revenue.


The ability to quickly and easily see traffic sources and patterns helps businesses decide what’s working… and what’s not. Results are measured in real-time, so reaction time is instant.