We’ve got the technology to make your e-commerce store rock!

Manage your Business, not your technology.

We know you’re extremely busy running a business. That’s why we build our technology to take the hassle out of worrying about technological stuff, so you can do what you do best… run your business. Check out some of our cutting-edge technology designed to provide you with a moneymaking Website.

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All-in-one platform.

Rave Retailer combines our full-suite of sophisticated technology into one easy-to-use platform, including Websites, eCommerce, analytics, email marketing plus mobile and traditional marketing tools.

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No Installations or Software Updates.

No need to worry about installing any software on your computer or those pesky update notifications. Our system is 100% online based and works with the latest and greatest browsers without a hitch. And because of this, new features and updates are automatically added without any work from you. It’s auto-magic.

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Bring on the online visitors!

Our servers are ready to take on as much traffic as your Websites can muster! You’ll never have to worry about a bandwidth error with heavy traffic, and our Websites’ load times are some of the fastest in the industry no matter how many visitors are on site.

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Server security.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and sound on our secure servers. In fact, they are so secure that sensitive medical data and records are also safely housed on them.

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Certified Secure Shopping.

When you hook our shopping cart up to your Website, we install a 256-bit encrypted SSL line to ensure privacy so your customers can shop with confidence.

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We install Google analytics on all of your clients’ accounts so you can track keywords, content and more to see what’s working and what’s not.

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Login anywhere, anytime.

Login to the Rave Retailer dashboard portal at any time, from any place, for instant access to your clients’ accounts. It’s as easy as pie.

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No Web design or programming knowledge? No problem!

You don’t have to know squat about Web design, programming or graphic design to give your clients a gorgeous Website, along with some of the industry’s most sophisticated technology designed to drive online marketing and boost sales. We build and design Websites for you, and constantly update the technology. In short, we take the know-how out of it so you can focus on your clients’ online selling strategies.

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Expansion Proof.

Our server technology is setup with load balancers and multiple databases to ensure that if your website receives an abnormally large amount of traffic due to expansion, etc., it is completely safe and will be able to handle the extra traffic seamlessly. Our load management architecture was designed off of Facebook’s and we use some of the same tools they do to manage load.

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Your Site is Safe with Us.

You can sleep easy knowing your Website is monitored 24/7/365. We constantly monitor for vulnerabilities and any other problems that may potentially arise. Automatic backups are also in place to ensure your baby is safe in case of a natural disaster or the like.

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Manage user roles and permission.

We give you admin access to your very own branded dashboard to manage all of your clients in one place. Then, you can give your clients, and their employees, access to their own accounts and divvy out permissions to grant certain people access to certain features, like email marketing, products, analytics, Web pages, etc.