Customer Reviews

Did you know 72% of U.S. internet users will place more trust in a local business based on its positive customer reviews?

Don’t Discount the Power of Your Customer Reviews!

Your customers are watching and reading. They’re reading online reviews and watching to see how you take care of other folks just like them.

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Get More Reviews

Rave Retailer helps you get unbiased reviews from your current customers that will persuade your potential customers. We do this by reminding customers to complete a review on every order receipt, with direct links to Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo reviews.

Don’t be in the dark.

You’ll be notified immediately every time a customer completes a review about your business. Access 65+ local listing websites from our single dashboard, and find out at a glance:


Which review site was used.


Customer name.


Customer comments.


Customer rating.


Date of the review.


Location reviewed (if you have multiple locations).

Spread the Love

Your most recent reviews can be featured on your website to build confidence and create excitement about your company. Share your glowing reviews on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and in-store to spread the love.

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The good news about bad reviews

Your personal, polite and prompt response to a negative review can turn the tide. To offset bad reviews, we’ll help you get more good reviews that show your true colors.

Show your stars for $200 per month, or $100 per month if you use our GeoMarketing services.

Utilize your positive customer reviews to build more trust with your customers with Rave Retailer’s customer review section!

Our innovative customer review section, which is part of our GeoMarketing platform, (click here to read more) notifies you via email anytime someone posts a review on one of your more than 65+ local listing Websites. Moreover, all of your reviews are conveniently databased in your omnichannel dashboard where you see:

  • Which local listing site the review was posted at.
  • The author of the review.
  • The review itself (as well as a link to the actual review).
  • Its rating (based on 5 stars and if applicable to the local listing site).
  • Its date.
  • Which one of your stores was reviewed (if you have multiple locations).